Cultural Activities at DNP

At DNP we pride ourselves on "remaining focused on and faithful to our core business." As such, our unique cultural program centered on the visual arts share many common traits with our own field: printing. We very much hope that you will enjoy taking part in these activities

Key principles driving our cultural activities

From the "Marimekko Spirit exhibition at ggg" Gallery talk

Fostering a society and future generations that are more sensitive to the world

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) aims to contribute to nurturing a society built on fresh values, shaped by bringing people from diverse backgrounds and with different beliefs together, and encouraging mutual respect in a stimulating environment. To achieve this, creating a "culture of dialogue" is paramount: this means making dialogue act as a channel to catalyze people's imagination, propelling them to discuss new view points and ideas, and ultimately to think of innovative approaches and solutions. We believe that one of the most effective ways to build this stimulating environment, is to expose people to a medley of art and culture from various regions and eras, thereby fostering their sensitivity to, and understanding of, a range of mindsets and values.

Faithful to our principle of remaining focused on our core business, DNP endeavors to contribute to the development of this "culture of dialogue" by promoting the dissemination of mainly visual arts related work, since it is closely connected to printing. Our unique exhibitions, organized in association with the DNP Foundation for Cultural Promotion, a non-profit organization, aim to "promote graphic design and graphic art", and at "expanding opportunities for encounters with art," in order to nurture a society and future generations that have a more developed sensitivity to the world. We hope you will enjoy participating in the wide range of cultural activities DNP has to offer

Activity themes / key focuses

Promoting Graphic Design and Graphic Art

ginza graphic gallery
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Kyoto ddd gallery
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Center for Contemporary Graphic Art (CCGA)
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Expanding Opportunities for Encounters with Art

DNP Kyoto Uzumasa Cultural Heritage Gallery
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Maison des Musées du Monde
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Cultural activity news

Upcoming exhibitions and events

Current exhibitions and events

Name of exhibition Date Venue website
The 85th Drawing Lines: 34th Exhibition of Prints from the Tyler Graphics Archive Collection Sep11,2021
Center for Contemporary Graphic Art (CCGA) Official Website(Open in a new window)
The 230th SURVIVE EIKO ISHIOKA Oct16,2021
kyoto ddd gallery Official Website(Open in a new window)
The 385th Art Direction Japan 2020-2021 Exhibition Nov1,2021
Ginza Graphic Gallery Official Website(Open in a new window)

Association for Corporate Support of the Arts

The DNP cultural activities program has been recognised for its role in building a more culturally rich society through the promotion of culture and the arts, by the Association for Corporate Support for the Arts (Mécénat Awards).

For further information /Enquiries

For further information about current exhibitions, events or other cultural activities in general, please contact us as shown below