DNP Group Social Contribution Policy

The DNP Group seeks to solve the various issues facing society while contributing to sustainable growth and the realization of a rich society. Our social contributions are propelled by our provision of valuable goods and services through our business. We also seek the effective employment of our management resources (personnel, knowledge, technology, facilities, etc.) and to contribute to the realization of a better society through solid labor management relations as well as strong ties and cooperation with organizations outside our Group.
We also believe that the voluntary participation of employees in social contribution activities is valuable not only to society, but also to the personal development and self-realization of the individual employee. The DNP Group therefore supports the participation of employees in activities that contribute to society.
We at the DNP Group shall continue to engage in steady efforts to contribute to society as a good corporate citizen.


Maintaining a love for nature

Category: Environmental conservation

Maintaining a broad perspective

Category: Contribution to local communities and the international community

For next-generation development

Categories: Academia, education, development of the next generation; development of the information society

For a society rich in culture

Category: Promotion of the arts and culture

From the standpoint of humanity

Category: Humanitarian aid and disaster relief