DNP Group Universal Design Declaration

A company such as DNP, which is closely tied to the business of information and developed “Shueitai” as its original typeface, is of course dedicated to print that is beautiful and easy to read. We have responded to an ever-changing Japanese language environment in which character types have increased and decreased, along with a transition from vertical to horizontal writing, and the use of coding and European languages, and we are always seeking to develop easy to read characters as we meet the increasing need for diversity in media and expression. Shueitai has never lost its shine since its birth during the Meiji Period, and continues today to meet the demand for beauty and ease of legibility for all readers of Japanese.
DNP's business has by now expanded from publication printing to commercial printing and Smart cards, and even further into packaging, living space materials, and electronics, so much so that it can be said that “Everyone, everyday, has some contact with DNP's products and services.” We have expanded our “dedication to print that is beautiful and easy to read,” which has been with us since our founding, to include “dedication to creating secure, safe and convenient products and services that are easy to use by every individual consumer.”
Our determination to consider everyone is the source of our DNP Group UD. We have been striving to make all DNP products and services usable to as many people as possible. So as to make our UD efforts more fruitful, we established the DNP Group 5 Universal Design Principles. We blend a Universal Design perspective into every segment of our business, so as to meet the diverse needs of consumers and our over 30,000 client companies. Our UD efforts are a part of our goal of contributing to the realization of a universal society in which all can live comfortably and safely.

Established: October 2008
Chairman, UD Promotion Committee