DNP's Principal CSR Theme

DNP defines Principal Themes to promote CSR activities. In establishing these themes, we examine our management policies, business lines and strengths against various social issues* from a multifaceted perspective and identify important, priority issues. In FY2017, to increase the effectiveness of our CSR activities, we reviewed how DNP envisions our relationship with society and specified new eight Principal Themes, which represent matters we particularly value. With a view to enabling both society and DNP to grow in a sustainable manner, we will continue to proactively tackle issues facing society and seek to maintain the trust placed upon us by society.

DNP's Principal CSR Theme

Fair Operating Practices

We help to maintain and develop orderly, free and competitive markets based on laws and social ethics and by always remaining fair and equitable.

Human Rights and Labor

We respect diversity in the culture, nationality, creed, race, ethnicity, language, religion, gender, age and ways of thinking of all persons and fulfill our responsibility to protect human rights. We also seek to maintain and improve our working environment to enable everyone to work safely and remain healthy.


To create a sustainable society with the Earth’s limited natural resources, we reduce environmental impact and conserve biodiversity while ensuring compliance with environmental laws and regulations and by recognizing our relationship with the environment in all business activities.

Responsible Procurement

For creating excellent value and cultivating strong compliance awareness at the same time, we work jointly with our supply chain stakeholders and conduct procurement that gives due consideration to human rights, the environment and other factors.

Product Safety and Quality

We seek to gain the trust of society by prioritizing the safety and quality of our products and services as part of our responsibility as a company that supplies these to society.

Information Security

We ensure the exceptional security of personal information and all other information assets through management and protection as part of the social responsibility of a company handling such information assets.

Corporate Citizen

We contribute to society by resolving social issues, conducting volunteer activities and through cultural activities as we look to deepen our relationship with society as a good corporate citizen that coexists with society.

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