P&I LAB. Technology

The P&I LAB. is a facility for creating new value while collaborating with others from the starting point of printing and information technology—DNP’s strengths.

Oriented toward research and development, the P&I LAB. aims to create new products that realize printing and information innovations by making its facilities available for discussions on R&D projects, expanding new networks of collaborators and bringing in ideas and technologies from outside DNP.

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Areas of Collaboration

DNP considers the following to be areas of collaboration: DNP technology, microfabrication, precision coating, post-processing, planning and design, information processing, material development, evaluation and analysis. These are the basis for the expansion of DNP’s four growth areas: Knowledge and Communication, Food and Healthcare, Lifestyle and Mobility and Environment and Energy.

Knowledge and Communication

DNP will provide value for nurturing culture and supporting people’s lives through comfortable communications.

Food and Healthcare

Amid a shift in global demographics, including the ongoing decline in birthrates in Japan’s super-aging society, DNP will provide new value that helps people maintain their health and high standard of well-being.

Lifestyle and Mobility

DNP is offering new value in the form of greater comfort, safety and security in spaces where people spend their lives, including at home, in commercial facilities, offices and medical facilities, as well as in automobiles and trains.

Environment and Energy

DNP will accelerate the development of diverse products and services toward the realization of a sustainable society that achieves compatibility between economic development and protection of the global environment.

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DNP Technology that Changed People’s Lives

Established in 1876, DNP started out as a publishing and printing company but later expanded its business areas to packaging materials, building materials and electronics, producing many products that have changed people’s lives. The Company’s application and development of printing and information technologies provided the basis for that expansion.

Integrated Technologies

The ability to integrate a wide range of printing and information technology is one of DNP’s strengths.
DNP creates value by integrating plans and designs for realizing ideas, the materials for producing maximum effects and the processing technologies to make them possible.

Technologies for Enriching Society

Value provided by DNP enriches society by:

  • Making smart devices user-friendly
  • Enhancing images and information
  • Making living spaces comfortable
  • Reducing environmental burden
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles
  • Making manufacturing processes efficient

Collaborative Technology

DNP drives innovations through collaboration while drawing on the printing- and information-related technological capabilities and expertise it has amassed over the years, along with a solid track record in creativity and planning.

  • Comprehensive initiatives spanning from planning and design to manufacturing and services
  • Joint-development utilizing the strengths of all participants
  • Technical applications and development