Business Areas

DNP comprises two business areas: Printing —which includes our Information Communication, Lifestyle and Industrial Supplies, and Electronics divisions—and Beverages, through Hokkaido Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Ltd.

Information Communication

As information becomes increasingly digitized and networked, and information media become increasingly diverse, consumers’ values and lifestyles have been undergoing major changes. Rather than simply responding to those changes, DNP works to generate its own changes by developing a wide range of businesses that both “deliver the information consumers want, when they want it, in optimal media formats” and “enable comfortable and highly secure communication.”


Facilitating access to books and broadening the reading experience

As the Japanese publishing industry’s “No. 1 partner,” DNP goes beyond the printing and binding of books and magazines that one would expect from a printing company. We handle business related to the entire content life cycle, from publication planning and production to distribution and marketing, including digital content. In addition, we continue to broaden the possibilities of the publishing culture by working with publishers and other relevant parties to generate new styles of book-reading. As an example, we created the “honto” hybrid bookstore network that sells both paper and e-books, online and through physical stores.

Information Innovation

In order to bring new value to consumers and corporations

DNP focuses on activities that strengthen and improve the connections between businesses that provide products and services, and consumers who want to use those products and services on a daily basis. For example, we stimulate communication between consumers and corporations both in Japanese and overseas markets by analyzing consumer needs, helping with marketing, planning and producing all types of sales promotion tools, developing and operating websites and apps, developing advertising, events and campaigns, and operating customer service centers.

Information Innovation
Information Security

Using security technologies to enable safe and secure communication

During the more than 140 years since DNP’s founding, we have made a wide variety of printed products and developed many types of services that entail the safeguarding of sensitive information that belongs to consumers or corporate clients. In response to an especially rapid rise in demand for information security in recent years, we have developed businesses like smart card manufacturing and issuance, electronic money and payment platforms, and business process outsourcing (BPO) services that provide comprehensive support for client companies. DNP makes use of its solid information security infrastructure to realize a society where people can live with peace of mind.

Imaging Communication

Adding value to all aspects of imaging, and adding color to people’s lives

“Everything to do with images” is the business field that we targeted at. DNP has been creating businesses in the imaging market by leveraging its strengths both as a manufacturer and as an information service provider. Taking advantage of DNP’s printing technologies, we provide the global market with products for printing photographs, bar codes, and other images. We will continue to develop new possibilities for consumers’ image-based communication by integrating images with information services protected by advanced security measures.

Lifestyle and Industrial Supplies

Food, clothing, shelter: DNP supports people’s lives on various fronts. We provide a large number of products and services, including packaging products, interior and exterior decorative materials for buildings, and energy-related products, which are indispensable to the comfort of people in their daily lives and to the operational processes of companies. We are committed to contributing to the realization of a sustainable society by promoting resource and energy conservation, universal designs that make products easy for anyone to use, and minimizing the burden that products place on the environment throughout their life cycles.


Wrapping gently and safely, providing easy-to-use packages with minimal stress on the environment

Packaging products serve a variety of functions in addition to containing and protecting contents; for example, they may attract customers at the point of sale, make products easy to use, and give back to the Earth. The packaging business that DNP started in the 1950s has developed products and services that are essential to the daily lives of people around the world, including packaging for foods, beverages, household items and pharmaceutical products. We will continue to work hard to provide high-quality, advanced packages that are highly durable, easy for anyone to use, environmentally friendly, and, of course, do an excellent job of preserving their contents.

Living Spaces

Adding comfort to the various spaces where people spend time

DNP develops and supplies a wide range of interior and exterior decorative products that provide new value to the various spaces where people spend their time, including homes and offices, commercial facilities and hotels, schools and medical facilities, automobiles and railway cars. In addition to offering comprehensive solutions that address the entire living-space supply chain, we aim to realize comfortable living spaces all over the world by developing products with an awareness of such factors as reducing stress on the environment, preserving human health, and increasing durability and aesthetic appeal.

Industrial Supplies

Using DNP technologies in lithium-ion batteries and photovoltaic cells

Many advanced products that take advantage of DNP’s proprietary materials processing technologies are highly effective at solving social issues related to our “four growth areas.” As the world’s top supplier of pouches used in lithium-ion batteries, we intend to expand applications beyond mobile devices to include, for example, electric vehicles and household-use storage batteries. In addition, we are responding to increased demand for clean energy by focusing on the development of diverse, high-performance films that control the passage of light, heat, moisture and gases, and other related products including photovoltaic module components.


DNP will provide new value by taking advantage of the cutting-edge technologies that we have cultivated through our printing business as we respond to global advances in the Internet of things (IoT) and evolution in smartphones and other information devices. We will further refine technologies such as photolithography and nanoimprinting for forming micropatterns, and coating techniques for applying thin and uniform layers of functional materials, so that we can deliver to the consumers of the future the type of high-added value products that we have been developing for over half a century.

Display Components

Freely shaping displays to suit individuals and society

DNP will continue to provide the best possible products for every size of display, from smartphones and other small, portable devices to large-scale displays used in mass transit stations, all types of public facilities, and outdoor locations. Along with making effective use of our facilities and technological strengths, we will increase cooperation with partners in order to develop new products like touch panel sensors and metal masks used for making organic EL displays, in addition to our mainstay color filters for liquid crystal displays.

Electronic Devices

Creating next-generation electronic devices through ingenuity at the nano level

Electronic devices enrich modern lifestyles in a variety of ways. DNP, for its part, promotes development of new products in Japan and overseas and is working to create new business models. We already supply state-of-the-art photomasks (for manufacturing semiconductors) with line widths of less than 20nm*1, and we are further developing nanoimprinting and related technologies. DNP will continue to provide a diverse lineup of products, including MEMS*2 components, that respond to demand for miniaturization and light-weighting of electronic devices.

*1 nm(nanometer): one billionth of a meter
*2 MEMS: micro electro mechanical systems

Optical films

Enabling rich expression of information by offering cutting-edge optical films

DNP provides a wide variety of optical films that control light by making good use of our optical designs, materials development, and converting technologies for processing materials in clean room environments, etc. DNP has achieved the position of the world’s top supplier of anti-reflection films that prevent reflection on liquid crystal displays. As we focus on developing new products like components for organic EL panels and touch panels, we must also strive to find solutions for the problem of how to simultaneously increase conflicting qualities: higher definition and higher performance versus miniaturization and light-weighting.


The DNP Group is developing its beverages business through Hokkaido Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Ltd. In addition to leveraging the Coca-Cola brand name in the development of new products, we are also engaged in activities aimed at promoting environmental safety and revitalizing communities throughout Hokkaido.