"Taiwa" (dialogue) and Cooperation-Focused Innovation

At DNP, taiwa and cooperation between people with diverse knowledge and perspectives are the driving force behind innovation.

Moreover, taiwa and collaboration with society are indispensable for realizing DNP's business vision.
In order to promote collaboration and open innovation with all of our stakeholders, we opened a presentation and collaboration facility, P&I LAB., as a base for Taiwa (dialogue) and Collaboration.
We operate five P&I LAB. facilities on the themes of technology, space creation, packaging, publication and collaboration.

By collaborating with our customers and marrying their ideas and technologies with DNP's various P&I (Printing & Information) strengths backed by its sophisticated technologies, and generating a synergy, DNP aims to create value that solves social issues.

DNP Group Vision 2015

Use P&I innovations to expand our business, primarily around four growth areas.

DNP is accelerating the speed at which it creates new value through P&I LAB.-based collaborations. The P&I LAB. COLLABORATION facility is positioned as the center to support the respective initiatives of the P&I LAB.TECHNOLOGY, P&I LAB. SPACE CREATION, P&I LAB. PACKAGING and P&I LAB. PUBLISHING facilities, which also extend directly to DNP’s four major growth areas. Each facility is introduced in detail in the next section.

P&I LAB. Facility Themes


This is a space for exchange and discussion inside and outside the company on the theme of collaboration. Here, ideas are promulgated and workshops are held in an atmosphere different from that of a regular office.


In this P&I LAB., we create new products by combining DNP's proprietary technologies, developed and applied through printing process, with the technologies and ideas of people outside the company.


The theme of this facility is the development of packaging that incorporates the viewpoints of consumers, based on the concept of "Human-friendly"


This facility is themed around "space creation," comprising everything from living spaces to shops, commercial facilities and offices, based on the motto, "Design space with more freedom"


This facility is themed around business development related to publications that have supported the development of civilization for more than 140 years, since DNP’s founding in 1876.

*For visitors

The P&I LAB. is a facility for our business partners. It is not open to the general public.
Customers wishing to visit the facility must book their visit in advance, as we will provide a customized tour focusing on the customer's needs, issues and areas of interest. If you wish to visit the facility, please consult with your contacts at DNP.

DNP Group Vision / Code of Conduct