The DNP Group widely seeks partnerships with companies from which it can procure materials of superior quality that are offered at fair prices and can be delivered to meet its needs. Moreover, the Group will, together with its suppliers, endeavor to fulfill its corporate social responsibility (CSR) through a broad range of activities including complying with laws, engaging in efforts to preserve the environment, and providing proper labor conditions for its employees.

DNP Group Basic Procurement Policy


Suppliers are selected based on the principles of fair competition, with the final decision being made in accordance with a comprehensive evaluation of such criteria as quality, advantages in price, reliability in meeting delivery deadlines, after-sales service, dependability, and technical expertise.

Equal Opportunity

Procurement is not limited to transactions with existing suppliers. Active efforts should be made to purchase from suppliers, regardless of what country they are in, provided the products are high in quality and economical in price.

Mutual Development

The DNP Group shall engage in fair business transactions in order to build a bond of mutual trust with suppliers. Efforts shall also be made to enable the DNP Group and its suppliers to mutually achieve growth.

Social Responsibility

DNP believes that both DNP and its suppliers should fulfill their social responsibilities (CSR) through a broad range of activities including complying with all laws and regulations, understanding and abiding by all business practices, and without fail, taking into consideration proper labor conditions, conservation of natural resources, and preservation of the environment.