CSR Procurement Guidelines

DNP Group Procurement Guidelines for Materials, Equipment, Construction Supplies, and Other Items

Business activities today are serially linked, requiring the involvement of a number of companies to create a single product or service. In order for companies to fulfill their social responsibilities, every company involved in the product or service must recognize its social responsibilities and behave with integrity and in good faith. CSR(corporate social responsibility) efforts are being promoted throughout the DNP Group. With regard to CSR obligations for raw materials, machinery, buildings, and other items used by DNP, the cooperation of the suppliers is indispensable. In order to promote our CSR efforts and to achieve sustainable growth of society, our suppliers, and DNP itself, we would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation regarding the DNP Group CSR Guidelines for Procurement described below.

DNP's Vision of CSR

DNP has defined its Corporate Philosophy in its vision to "connects individuals and society, and provides new value". DNP's CSR can be defined as the realization of this Corporate Philosophy. In order to realize this goal, we have been acting on the belief that it is essential to have dialogs with each and every stakeholder, enabling us to continue to create new values, establish a creative corporate culture, and always act with integrity and sincerity.

It is our sincere wish that through our earnest actions, such as providing useful products and services, the appropriate disclosure of information, carrying out fair and equitable transactions, promoting measures to create a good working environment for our employees, engaging in activities that contribute to society, and activities for the preservation of the environment, to resolve the various issues that our stakeholders face, we will be able to contribute to the sustainable growth of society.

DNP Group CSR Report

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DNP Group CSR Procurement Guidelines

At all of its branches and collaborating companies, DNP and the suppliers that provide DNP with raw materials, machinery, buildings, and other items, domestically as well as abroad, shall carry out CSR (corporate social responsibility) efforts in the areas described below.

DNP Group CSR Procurement Guidelines(221KB)(Open PDF)

Explanation of DNP Group CSR Procurement Guidelines(146KB)(Open PDF)

Ⅰ. Human Rights and Labor

  • Prohibit forced labor
  • Prohibit inhumane treatment and infringements of human rights
  • Prohibit child labor
  • Prohibit discrimination
  • Pay appropriate wages
  • Regulate working hours
  • Respect the rights to freedom of association

Ⅱ. Occupational Health and Safety

  • Apply safety measures for equipment and instruments
  • Promote safe activities in the workplace
  • Promote hygiene in the workplace
  • Apply appropriate measures for occupational injuries and illnesses
  • Properly manage disasters and accidents
  • Be careful about physically demanding work
  • Promote safety and hygiene in all company facilities
  • Promote health maintenance programs for employees

Ⅲ. Environment

  • Establish and apply an environmental management system
  • Minimize environmental pollution
  • Obtain environmental permits
  • Promote green-house gas reduction
  • Promote waste reduction
  • Promote resource and energy saving by reusing, reducing, and recycling
  • Control hazardous chemicals in products
  • Control hazardous chemicals in manufacturing
  • Disclose environmental preservation activities

Ⅳ. Product Quality and Safety

  • Establish and apply a quality and safety management system
  • Ensure product safety

Ⅴ. Information Security

  • Secure computer networks against threats
  • Prevent the leakage of personal information
  • Prevent the leakage of confidential information of the customer and third-party

Ⅵ. Fair Trading

  • Prohibit corruption and bribery
  • Prohibit abuse of a superior position
  • Prohibit the offering and receiving of inappropriate profit and advantage
  • Prohibit impediment to free competition
  • Provide accurate information on products and services
  • Respect intellectual property
  • Use appropriate import and export procedures
  • Responsible Sourcing of Raw Materials
  • Disclose appropriate company information
  • Detect injustice promptly

Ⅶ. Contribution to Society

  • Contribute to society and community

The DNP Group believes the abovementioned CSR Procurement Guidelines to be an essential requirement for carrying out business transactions. We will be checking periodically to ascertain to what degree these criteria are being observed. It is our sincere wish that all of our suppliers have a clear understanding of our CSR Procurement Guidelines and make every effort to carry out their activities in accordance with the Guidelines.