President's Message

For Realizing our “Third Corporate Founding”

The DNP Group Will Take on the Challenge of Promoting Innovations and Create New Value

 DNP has formulated its Corporate Philosophy of “connect individuals and society, and provide new value” and has expressed its Business Vision “to expand our business around four growth areas through what we call P&I innovations.” P&I is DNP’s unrivalled strength in “Printing & Information” cultivated over long years. DNP will synergize these strengths and collaborate deeply with its partners to take on the challenge of promoting a wide variety of innovations.

 We are also focusing on the four growth areas of Knowledge and Communication, Food and Healthcare, Lifestyle and Mobility, and Environment and Energy. In these areas, we are striving to create and provide value that meets the expectations of people while solving social issues so that we can achieve sustainable growth and realize our “Third Corporate Founding.”

 Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. was formed in 1935 through a merger between Shueisha, founded in 1876, and Nisshin Printing Co., Ltd., established in 1907. Dai Nippon Printing, including its two predecessors, carried out business centered on publishing printing during the first approximately 75 years of operations. In the tumultuous period after World War II, however, Dai Nippon Printing established its “five-year reconstruction plan” in 1951 and adopted the concept of “expansion printing” to broaden business domains through the application and advance of printing technologies and courageously took on challenges to realize its “Second Corporate Founding,” leading to the current DNP.

 Nevertheless, we are now witnessing rapid and major changes in Japan and overseas unlike those seen in the past. Rather than passively accept these changes, DNP will instead strive to proactively deploy the strengths of “All DNP.” By doing so, we aim to create value that greatly exceeds people’s expectations, enables people to enjoy comfortable lifestyles and fills people with excitement while solving a variety of social issues.

 Furthermore, by building on these achievements, the DNP Group will work as one to ensure that DNP realizes sustainable growth together with society and wins the trust of all stakeholders.

 In the future, I ask for your further support as we work to achieve our objectives.

PresidentYoshinari Kitajima

Interview with President Yoshinari Kitajima