DNP's Technologies and R&D

We introduce the technologies DNP has applied in "Printing and information" that have been cultivated over long years and that are unmatched by other companies as well as the R&D we are undertaking to spur innovation that will play a key role in the next generation.

DNP's Technologies

Technology Tree, P&I Development, P (Printing) & I (Information) Technologies x Materials = New Value

Since its founding, DNP has applied and developed P (Printing) & I (Information) technology and provided products and services that meet the needs of society utilizing its abundant technologies and know-how as strengths. Moving forward, we will further promote our business that we have already expanded into diverse business fields and create new value that promotes the growth of society as a whole.

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R&D Case Studies

The following sections showcase case studies of DNP's R&D from the perspective of applying and developing technologies.

R&D and Intellectual Property

This section introduces the vital research and development at DNP, which has expanded business fields by applying and developing P (Printing) & I (Information) technologies, as well as the intellectual property-based initiatives that support a wide range of business activities.

R&D and Intellectual Property


The P&I LAB. TECHNOLOGY is a facility focused on DNP's strengths—technology related to P (Printing) && I (Information)—as a starting point for creating new value through collaboration with others.

Taking advantage of this facility, we will continue to promote P&I Innovations that lead to creating new value never seen before, by discussing R&D project visions with outside partners—including our customers—and combining their ideas and technologies with ours to achieve synergies.

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P&I LAB. TECHNOLOGY Items on Display

Areas of Collaboration

DNP will drive collaboration capitalizing on DNP's major technologies ranging from microfabrication, precision coating, post-processing, planning and design, information processing and materials development through to assessment and analysis, while focusing primarily on DNP's four growth areas: Knowledge and Communication, Food and Healthcare, Lifestyle and Mobility, and Environment and Energy.

Knowledge and Communication

DNP will provide value for nurturing culture and supporting people's lives through comfortable communications.

Food and Healthcare

As global demographics shift, including the ongoing decline in birthrates in Japan's super-aging society, DNP will deliver new value that helps people maintain their lifetime health and high standard of well-being.

Lifestyle and Mobility

DNP will make new value possible by delivering greater comfort, safety and security in spaces where people spend their lives, including at home, in stores, offices and hospitals, as well as in automobiles and trains.

Environment and Energy

DNP will accelerate the development of diverse products and services toward the realization of a sustainable society that achieves compatibility between economic development and protection of the global environment.

Product Safety and Quality

To fulfill its responsibility as a company that provides products and services to society, DNP recognizes that safety and quality are utmost priorities. Here, we wish to introduce our approach, management systems, and initiatives regarding the safety and quality of DNP products.

Product Safety and Quality

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