P&I LAB. TECHNOLOGY Items on Display

Introducing the P&I LAB. TECHNOLOGY Items on Display

1 DNP Technology that Changed People's Lives

Established in 1876, DNP started out as a publishing and printing company but later expanded its business areas to packaging materials, decor materials and electronics, producing many products that have changed people's lives. The Company's application and development of P (Printing) & I (Information) technologies provided the basis for that expansion.

2 Synergized Technologies

The ability to synergize a wide range of P (Printing) & I (Information) technologies is one of DNP's strengths. DNP marries planning and design abilities for materializing ideas together with technological capabilities such as materials technology that developed in the printing process, so as to achieve maximum synergies and creates value.

3 Technologies for Enriching Society

By synergizing technologies, DNP creates many forms of new value, including enhancing images and information, incorporating information security as a fundamental element of society and promoting healthy lifestyles.
DNP will continue to support our information society through technology, looking to enrich society as a whole.

4 Aiming for Innovations through Collaboration

Regarding P (Printing) & I (Information) technologies amassed over the years, DNP boasts technological expertise, inventiveness and a solid record in creativity, planning and development. Through P&I strengths, DNP drives innovations through collaboration.

  • Comprehensive initiatives spanning from planning and design to manufacturing and services
  • Joint-development utilizing the strengths of all participants
  • Technical applications and development