R&D and Intellectual Property

Creating business drivers through research and development

Having expanded the scope of its business by applying and developing printing and information technologies, DNP recognizes that research and development is a vital corporate activity. Amid dramatic changes happening today, the Company understands the need for uncovering the challenges facing communities from the standpoint of consumers, and promptly responding by determining what kinds of technologies are necessary to overcome those challenges. Based on that approach, DNP strives to accelerate the pace of its technological development by proactively collaborating with other companies that possess cutting-edge technologies while developing its own proprietary technologies.

Research and Development Structure

DNP’s research and development is mainly carried out at its Research and Business Development Center , Technology Development Center, Advanced Business Center and the R&D departments of its business divisions.

R&D Structure Chart

Main R&D Facilities

Research and Development Expenses (Consolidated)

Intellectual property underpins a wide range of business activities

Underpinning its broad range of business activities, DNP’s intellectual property is essential for differentiating it from its competitors. Because the relative level of its intellectual property has a substantial impact on the competitiveness of its businesses, DNP has set up a formidable organization—including a staff of patent attorneys—for developing its intellectual property and acquiring patents for new innovations.
DNP applies for about 2,000 patents in Japan every year, placing it at the forefront of Japanese corporations.

Overview of intellectual property-related activities

A foundation for business activities

In connection with its business objectives, DNP has devised strategies for applying and securing rights for patents as a means to produce intellectual assets that greatly benefit its businesses.
The Company is giving its businesses a competitive edge by bolstering its patent portfolio, and is effectively utilizing the patent rights it has acquired to proactively lay a solid foundation for its business activities going forward.

Intellectual property-related training and education

DNP offers all of its employees training programs on intellectual property tailored to their occupational level in order to foster a corporate culture that complies with relevant laws and regulations while respecting the intellectual property rights of the Company as well as those of other corporations.
Highly specialized training is also provided to members of planning and development departments that frequently handle intellectual property.

Cooperation with customers and business organizations

DNP takes into account all aspects of intellectual property laws, including copyrights, trademarks, and premiums and representations, when presenting planning and project proposals to customers to proactively help them consider relevant legal implications.
DNP has employees serve as members of various organizations involved in intellectual property, including the Japan Intellectual Property Association and the Japan Federation of Printing Organizations, and is actively involved in initiating actions by such groups, thereby helping raise the status of the industry.

Number of patent rights held in Japan

Departments organized to handle intellectual property

To proactively support a broad range of its business activities, DNP has established an integrated organization comprised of departments that facilitate the intellectual property activities of each operational division and departments that handle intellectual property-related contracts and legal support.