Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Initiatives

DNP LSI Design ("the Company") recognizes that it is responsible for establishing a strict and appropriate system of management for the protection of personal data in the course of its business. Accordingly, the Company has established the following privacy policy. All employees of the Company shall strive to handle, manage and maintain personal information in an appropriate manner in accordance with this policy.

Privacy Policy

Handling of Personal Information

The Company may handle the personal information of customers and applicants as part of its transactions and recruitment.
The following describes how the Company handles such personal information in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law.

1. The Company's Basic Stance on the Handling of Personal Information

The Company shall declare its privacy policy and ensure that its employees and other related parties are fully aware of the policy and that it is implemented, improved and maintained. In handling personal information, the Company shall not only ensure that such information is handled in a lawful and fair manner and that it is not acquired through improper means, but shall also inform the person to whom the personal information pertains that said personal information is provided on a voluntary basis, and of the consequences to the person in question if the information is not provided.

2. Personal Information handled by the Company

3. Purpose of Use of Personal Information held by the Company

4. Non-disclosure and Non-provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Company will not disclose or provide personal information held by the Company to a third party, in principle, except in the following cases.

5. Security Measures regarding Personal Information held by the Company

6. Complaints, Corrections and Suspension of Use Contact

You may request that the Company disclose the personal information it holds pertaining to you, and, if necessary, request that it be corrected.
In addition, you may request that the Company stop using your personal information, or make inquiries, complaints and consultations.
When the Company receive such a request, the Company will respond appropriately within reason. For this purpose, the Company has established a dedicated contact point for customers and applicants as follows.

June 2022
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Personal Information Protection Contact

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