DNP and Toshiba Tec Launch Data Cooperation

Receipt system and e-household accounts tie-up

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd (DNP) and Toshiba Tec Corporation (Toshiba Tec) have formed a data tie-up between the e-receipt system developed by Toshiba Tec, that converts the statement of receipt to a database instantaneously, and the household book-keeping application from DNP, and developed a function that makes it possible to take purchase history and highlight it against the backdrop of household accounts.

This new function is being released to coincide with demonstration tests at 21 outlets of the Miyagi Co-op in Sendai City operated by the Co-op Tohoku Sunnet Business Federation, with commercial application scheduled from April 1, 2014.

[Overview of the Receipt System and Household Book-keeping Application]

The e-receipt system developed by Toshiba Tec digitalizes standard paper shopping receipts, and records them as data at the e-receipt center, allowing shoppers to immediately check their shopping history using their smart phones. The move to paperless receipts also allows shoppers to confirm their shopping history at any time without the need to retain paper receipts. In addition to making it possible for retail outlets to boost the convenience they offer their customers, digitalizing receipts also facilitates both reduced issue costs and environmental burdens from paper receipts.   

The DNP developed household book-keeping application makes it possible to keep household accounts merely by photographing receipts with a smart phone. The application is offered free of charge for use with iPhone and AndroidTM terminals. Since the July 1, 2013 distribution launch, the application has seen a total of 400,000 downloads, and the familiar and easy-to-use interface design has developed a firm reputation mainly among women who account for 80% of users.

[Benefits of the Service Tie-up]

As a result of this service tie-up it is now possible to take shopping history data recorded at the Toshiba Tec e-receipt center export it en bloc to the DNP developed household book-keeping application. Shoppers can now use this data to classify and sort their shipping history by day of purchase, retail outlet, product name on a merchandise basis, and price or total purchase amount, making it possible to easily and accurately prepare household accounts. And as a result of this tie-up, it is now possible to significantly reduce the amount of time spent writing in the books, which has been the greatest challenge to maintaining such accounts.

In addition to presenting consumers with the convenience of easy household account preparation, collation and management, it is also possible for retail outlets to reduce costs via the move to paperless receipts and make an ecological contribution. And by being able to retain customers and increase sales based on the provision of increased convenience, it is hoped that the service tie-up will result in the realization of a shared recycling-type service between consumers and retail outlets.

[Forward Looking Events]

In addition to confirming the usefulness and convenience of the service tie-up from the demonstration tests, our companies will also push ahead with preparations to put the tie-up on a business footing as a service targeting retailers. The existing tie-up requires data uptake and export, but joint service development will be conducted aiming to achieve further improvements in convenience, such as functions that take shopping history data from the e-receipt center and automatically export it to the household accounts application.



Head office

President & CEO

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Toshiba Tec Corporation

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Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd

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