DNP Launches Microcomputer Mounted NFC Module

Facilitating NFC-compatibility for various equipment types

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is set to launch a microcomputer-mounted NFC* module from the end of March. The new module will facilitate the use of NFC functions by adapting this module to office equipment, such as multifunction devices, in-store digital signage, and domestic electric appliances.

* Near Field Communications: An international standard for short-range wireless communication.

[Developmental Background]

In recent years we have seen increased use of NFC-based services, including personal authentication linking in-house multifunction devices and computers with employee ID cards, the use of e-money at retailers, loyalty points management using member cards, and information delivery linking digital signage with NFC compatible smart phones. In order to grant NFC functions to various types of equipment, however, it has been necessary to develop software that controls data communication between contactless smart cards and the IC chips integrated into smart phones. In answer to demands for a product that system-developers, unfamiliar with unique IC chip protocols, could use to easily develop software, DNP has developed an NFC module mounted with a microcomputer. By integrating the newly developed product into equipment, the obtaining of smart card ID numbers, along with the reading and writing of data can be easily performed, and it is possible to grant the use of NFC functions to various types of equipment.

[Overview of NFC Module Mounted with a Microcomputer]

The newly developed product is a micro-module designed for integration into various types of equipment. Doing so facilitates the granting of NFC functions that make it possible to perform a variety of information communications, merely by waving a smart phone or contactless smart card over a terminal, in a motion referred to as KAZASU. The product is mounted with a microcomputer that contains the IC chip driver software, and communications protocols, making it easier to perform software development based on a specification provided by DNP.

Main Specification:

Three sizes available, depending on usage.

Customized responses also offered.

Model number




External dimensions

(Breadth x Length x Thickness in mm)




Cards supported

 ISO/IEC14443 Type A, MIFARE® and FeliCa®

* TypeB subject to separate estimate 

NFC operating mode

Read/Write Mode, Peer-to-Peer Mode 



[Looking Ahead]

DNP will propose the NFC module mounted with a microcomputer to manufacturers developing equipment targeting offices that use smart cards, along with the retail and amusement industries. Including other NFC-related equipment, DNP aims for total sales of 2.0 billion yen in the two year period until the end of March 2016.


* MIFARE is a registered trade mark of NXP Semiconductors.
* FeliCa is a contactless card technology format developed by Sony Corporation.
* FeliCa is a registered trade mark of Sony Corporation.
* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.