DNP Launches Component for Integrating NFC Communication Functions into Equipment

Suitable for equipment with limited space for integrated parts

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is set to launch a new component to help mount equipment with NFC* communication functions from the end of March. By integrating the newly developed component into healthcare products and electronic equipment, it becomes possible to create smartphone-links, and perform communications merely by waving a smart phone over a terminal, in a motion referred to as KAZASU.

* Near Field Communications:   An international standard for short-range wireless communication.

[Developmental Background]

In line with the spread of NFC compatible smartphones, we have seen an increase in smartphone-linked equipment that perform data communications, merely by waving a smart phone over healthcare equipment and digital cameras in a motion referred to as KAZASU. There are great expectations for new smartphone-linked applications, including being able to wave a smart phone over domestic electric appliances and automatically switch to a desired setting, along with healthcare uses, such as being able to manage data accumulated in healthcare devices with a smartphone. From 2013, DNP has marketed a 40 X 30mm size component for the maintenance of equipment that makes it possible to distribute information from digital signage to smartphones, and link industrial equipment with tablet terminals. DNP has developed a micro-component in answer to the needs of equipment manufacturers to integrate NFC communication functions into equipment without altering the size of their existing equipment.

[Overview of the Newly Developed Component]

The newly developed component is an electronic component equipped with a terminal to connect to equipment, and a wireless communications antenna, designed for easy integration of NFC communication functions into equipment that lacks those functions. It has been possible to achieve the miniaturization of the component and reduce costs by limiting functions to those that transfer data by waving a smartphone over equipment, and adopting a passive format that does not emit radio waves. The newly developed component obtains power from the magnetic field emitted by the smartphone during wireless communications, making it possible to perform communications even after shutting down the embedded equipment. The newly developed component supports an Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) as the equipment connection interface, and as the component is just 25 X 11mm in size, it is possible to embed it into equipment with just limited space.

Main Specification

External Dimensions(mm)


Wireless interface

ISO/IEC14443 TypeB, and FeliCa®(JIS X 6319-4)

Wired interface


Other information

-Equipped with 432Byte non-volatile memory

-An assessment application will be provided

[Looking Ahead]

DNP will promote the adoption of the newly launched component in a variety of electronic devices, including domestic electrics beginning with healthcare equipment, as well as leisure equipment, amusement equipment and industrial equipment. The Company also aims to enhance its lineup, including an NFC module allowing for the addition of reader writer functions, and will offer broad support to equipment makers looking to promote NFC compatible operations.

DNP aims for sales of 2.0 billion yen in the two year period until the end of the business year for 2015 from NFC-related equipment.


* FeliCa is a contactless card technology format developed by Sony Corporation.
* FeliCa is a registered trade mark of Sony Corporation.
* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.