DNP Launches Space-Saving Version of Touch-Panel Digital Signage

Integrated with NFC reader-writer and printer for easy coupon print outs

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce the March 12 launch of a space-saving touch panel digital signage that displays multi-lingual maps and tourist information. The digital signage is designed to be easy to install in a variety of facilities, and includes an NFC reader-writer and printer, facilitating the distribution of map data to guide users to their destination via an NFC compatible smart phone, as well as coupon print outs.

[Developmental Background]

Efforts aimed at providing a variety of multi-lingual services have commenced as Tokyo looks to host the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The DNP developed digital signage provides a variety of tourist location, facility and outlet data based on mapping data owned by Zenrin DataCom Co., Ltd. (Zenrin DataCom). The digital signage is compatible with multiple languages, targeting not only domestic consumers, but also visitors from overseas with its easy to understand format. From 2013 DNP has entered into a capital and business alliance with Zenrin DataCom, and provides services as a domestic sales agent for the company. In addition to responding to increasing demands for space-saving equipment, DNP will also enhance digital signage functions.

[Overview of Space-Saving Digital Signage and New Features]

The space-saving touch panel digital signage launched by DNP combines a 20 inch display with an NFC reader-writer. Compared to currently offered 46 inch and 55 inch models, the new space-saving digital signage can be installed in restricted spaces. As a result, it is suitable for facilities frequented by many visitors from overseas, including accommodation facilities, such as hotels, traditional Japanese inns, known as ryokan and tourist information facilities.

The newly launched space-saving touch panel digital displays facilities information and maps of surrounding areas in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean, in the same way as currently offered versions. In addition to this, the new version also offers an optional service that includes a printer for coupon print outs.

1.  Displaying Maps Oriented to the Direction the User is Traveling In

Map displaying digital signage positioned at stations and other locations is generally oriented so that North comes to the top of the display. With the newly launched digital signage, however, it is possible to freely adjust the map orientation to match the direction that the user is travelling in. As a result of this function, it is easier to ascertain the positional relationship between the user and their destination.

2.  Displaying the Route to any Given Destination

The new touch panel digital signage is equipped with a function designed to display the route to any given destination by using the touch panel.

3.  Displaying Map Information on an NFC-Compatible Mobile Terminal

By waving a mobile terminal, such as an NFC compatible smart phone over an NFC reader-writer, it is possible to view guidance information towards a destination on a smart-phone. It isn't necessary to install a separate application on the terminal, as the mobile terminal reads off the URL, accesses the server and displays the map information.

It is also possible to use the new touch panel digital signage with terminals not yet compatible with NFC by reading off a displayed 2-dimensional bar code and displaying the route to any given destination.

4.  Coupon Print Offs

It is also possible to print off information about special deals, including sales campaigns and events, offered by nearby retail outlets, along with sales coupons, in order to guide users to stores and promote regional revitalization.

[Pre-tax Prices]

There is a base-price of 350,000 yen (including standard features: 20 inch display, a set-top box, NFC reader-writer, and a housing case.

* Initial installment costs and monthly fees will be separately levied (distribution fees, contents renewal fees, map licensing fees)
* Separate production fees will be charged for content other than mapping
* The printer is an extra option

[Looking Ahead]

DNP will market the space-saving touch panel digital signage to accommodation facilities, such as hotels and ryokan, tourist information facilities and commercial facilities that provide services targeting visitor from overseas. The Company aims to offer a total service for digital signage related business, including the production, distribution and operation of contents, and target total sales of 300 million yen in period until the end of the business year for 2015.


Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd
Head office: Tokyo
Company president: Yoshitoshi Kitajima
Paid-in capital: 114.4 billion yen
Zenrin DataCom Co., Ltd
Head office: Tokyo
President & CEO: Tatsuhiko Shimizu
Paid-in capital: 1.7 billion yen
* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.