New DNP Application Allows Users to Apply for Sales Campaigns Using Receipts Photographed with a Smart Phone

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) will offer an application that makes it possible for users to sign up for sales campaigns by photographing receipts with a smart phone and using them as proof of purchase. The new application is compatible with both iPhone and AndroidTM terminals, and can be downloaded free of charge. In its first business offering, the new application has been adopted by sportsgear maker Mizuno Corporation, in a campaign which commenced March 11 that allows purchasers of N-XT-series sportswear to participate in the Mizuno N-XT campaign, with prizes distributed on a lottery basis.

[Developmental Background]

Up to now, sales campaigns targeting purchasers require seals affixed to the product, or purchase receipts, to be attached to campaign application forms, then an application form be filled out and mailed to the company. Consumers view such requirements as troublesome. At the same time, for companies promoting such campaigns there are major burdens associated with confirming the applicant's information, and the inputting of data, and finding increased efficiencies has become a challenge.

In order to overcome these challenges, in August 2013 DNP developed a system that allows consumers to participate in sales campaigns by photographing their sales receipts, and in this latest development, this has been DNP has extended to include receipts photographed with consumer's smart phones.

[Overview of Newly Offered Application]

Consumers can browse a variety of corporate campaigns by downloading the newly offered application to their smart phones and activating it. By selecting the campaign they wish to apply for and photographing the receipt, eligible products are automatically verified via Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and it is possible to complete the application process merely by clicking on the application button.

Member registration is required at the time of the first application only, and there is no need to input data, such as the destination address from the second time onwards, making for a smoother application process.

- Purchase of Eligible Items Verified via Sophisticated recognition Technology

The receipt analysis technology using OCR was developed by ISP Co., allows companies to not only confirm proof of purchase from the date of purchase or purchase amount, but also helps companies prevent duplicate submissions, via overlapping applications. As of March 2014, this is the only application offered on a Japanese domestic basis that facilitates campaign applications by verifying application eligibility with an OCR analysis system.

- Reduces Consumer Effort and the Campaign Workload for Companies, and can Also be Used as Marketing Data

The new application makes it possible for consumers to apply for campaigns without effort, meaning that sponsoring companies can anticipate increased application volume. It is also possible to view and manage application data via the worldwide web, and as the new application can be used to confirm application contents, create digital data, and operate lotteries, the overall workload for the campaign office can be reduced.

At the same time, it is also possible to collect data on attribute information, such as the applicant's age and sex, and products purchased at the same time as the eligible product. Looking ahead, DNP will analyze this purchase information, and offer it as marketing data or use in such activities as sales promotion measures and in-store promotions.  

[Pre-tax Prices]

Start-up fees: From 150,000 yen

Monthly usage fees: From 200,000 yen based on lots of up to 5,000 applications

* Start-up fees, monthly usage fees are scaled according to the number of stores sponsoring sales campaigns, and number of applicants
* Price current until December 2014. Price revisions are planned for the following period.

[Looking Ahead]

In the first fiscal year, DNP aims for 500,000 downloads, while the campaign application function will also be offered to producers of consumer products, such as retailers, and food and beverage makers, aiming for sales of 1.0 billion yen.

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