DNP to Launch DP-DS620, A Dye Sublimation Digital Photo Printer

Next generation model achieves speed, size and weight improvements

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce the January 2015 European launch, to be followed by the sequential global launch, of the DP-DS620, a dye sublimation digital photo printer1 for commercial uses that in addition to improved printing speed also achieves space saving, weight reduction and energy savings.

 The new product will also be on display at the DNP booth at Photokina 2014, the world's leading imaging fair, to be held in Cologne, Germany from September 16 to September 21.

[DP-DS620 Features]

The DP-DS620 is a next generation dye sublimation digital photo printer that provides high resolution prints with a smooth gradation.

This new model is capable of delivering more prints in a shorter time as a result of significant throughput (prints per hour) improvements.

DP-DS620 also achieves high level downsizing, weight saving and energy savings. As a result, it is now easier to connect with in-store order terminals where space efficiency is demanded, and perform flexibly integration with self-service printing systems such as kiosk systems.

World's Smallest Compact Design

As a result of the optimized design, the DP-DS620 has achieved the world's smallest compact design2 for dye sublimation printers offering similar functions. And as a result, it has achieved downsizings and weight savings of 14% respectively, compared to printers currently marketed by DNP.

Improved Throughput and Reliability

As a result of a new development mechanism integrating refinements to previous models, it has been possible to improve print throughput from approximately 350 prints per hour with current equipment to approximately 400 prints3. And as a result of the development of a dedicated ink ribbon that reduces thermal head wear, it has also been possible to extend the life of the thermal print head.

Energy Savings that Integrate Highly Convenient Functions

  • The DP-DS620 is equipped with multi-print functions facilitating prints in a variety of sizes using just a single size of ink ribbon and receiver paper. The new printer is compatible with such print sizes as the 2 inch cut mode for 2 x 6 inch prints, the multiple layout mode that makes it possible to output multiple 4 x 6 inch and other prints in alternative sizes, as well as the square print mode for outputting square prints.
  • As an additional option, by using a Software Development Kit (SDK) program, it is also possible to output prints in unique sizes.
  • The newly developed printer is also equipped with a rewind function3 allowing for optimization of the unused portion, and resultant lower consumption of the ink ribbon.
  • The DP-DS620 also includes a number of eco-friendly features, such as a stand-by mode that reduces stand-by power to approximately 1/48th compared with printer currently marketed by DNP. Using the advanced printer driver, it is also possible to check the printer status, the remaining counts of consumables, resulting in increased operational efficiency.
1) Dye sublimation type digital photo printer: A thermal transfer type format printer that takes ink from an ink ribbon where a rolled film is evenly coated with yellow, magenta and cyan, and transfers the ink to receiver paper so that the ink density matches that of the ink image. In addition to achieving similar high resolution images as conventional silver-halide formats, the dye sublimation type digital photo printer produces superior high-speed prints, and given the low equipment introduction cost and maintenance burdens, has developed a high market reputation. The DNP system also provides superior color expressions, and is seeing increased demand for photo prints.
2) According to a DNP survey as of the end of August 2014.
3) In cases of size prints using 6 x 8 inch media.
4) For use only with 2L size and 6 x 8 inch. Not available with the DP-DS620A

[Costs and Specification]

 Prices: Open Pricing

Product name

DP-DS620, DP-DS620A

Print format

Dye sublimation thermal transfer format

Print resolution (dpi)

300 x 300 (high speed mode), 300 x 600 (high resolution mode)

Print size

3.5 x 5 inch (L) size (89 x 127 mm)

5 x 7inch (2L) size (127 x 178 mm)

4 x 6inch (Post card) size (102 x 152 mm)

2 x 6 inch size (51 x 152 mm)

6 x 6 inch size (152 x 152 mm)

6 x 8 inch (152 x 203 mm)

(By using SDK it is possible to set a variety of print sizes)


Print speed(High-speed mode, gloss finish)

4 x 6 inch (Post card) size: approximately 8.9 seconds

(Corresponds to a single print from a 2 print 4 x 6 size using 6 x 8 inch media)

6 x 8 inch size: approximately 17.2 seconds


Gloss / Matte

Other functions

Ink ribbon rewind functions*

Buffer memory

64 MB

Power source

AC100V - 240V, 50 / 60Hz


USB2.0 High-speed compatible

External dimensions

(Width)275 x (Depth)366 x (Height)170 mm


12 kg

Dedicated media

4 x 6 inch (Post card) size: 400 prints / roll x 2 sets

5 x 7 inch (2L) size: 230 prints / roll x 2 sets

6 x 8 inch size: 200 prints / roll x 2 sets

*Not available with the DP-DS620A

[Sales Target]

 DNP aims for sales of 20,000 units in the first fiscal year.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.