DNP and DNP Media Create to Launch Digital Picture Book Introduction Support Service

Aimed at adoption of digital picture books in children's spaces at commercial facilities

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) and DNP Media Create Co., Ltd. (DMC), a DNP Group company, are pleased to announce the full scale launch of the service to support the introduction of digital picture books at children's spaces of commercial facilities, automobile sales agents, and service operators targeting children. In addition to providing tablet terminals for viewing digital picture books, this service also offers support for creating spaces in which to enjoy digital picture books along with the hosting of events, aiming to promote increased store visits by parents with children.

[Background to Service Launch]

DNP and DMC developed the service based on needs for children's spaces at commercial facilities, automobile sales agents, along with show house exhibitions, and service operators targeting children, with the objective of promoting store visits by parents with children. Digital picture books are the digital contents of picture books designed to develop the intellectual curiosity of children, by making use of digital functions, such as interactive operations along with audio and video. Apart from allowing even small children to use the system in an intuitive manner, it is also possible to use the system while communicating with family and friends.

DNP launched Communication Plaza "dot DNP" in January 2013 as a hands-on communications space to help consumers discover new ways to enjoy books and photographs. Photo 1 shows the Digital Picture Book Museum, a place to participate in a hands-on type workshop and a storytelling workshop. Using the know-how developed in this area, DNP will offer digital picture books to children's spaces and service operators targeting children, and launch a service to support the creation of spaces where children can spend time in a fun manner.

[Overview of the Service]

In addition to renting and selling tablet terminals that allow for the viewing of multiple picture books, the new service also offers planning and operation of events linked to digital picture books. The new service is also compatible with the provision of hard cover picture books, promotional materials and the promotion of original digital picture books. As can be seen in photo 2, apart from allowing for the inclusion of the logo of the company introducing the new service, as an additional fee-based option, with the new service it is also possible to create an original corporate screen design.

The new service is divided into four categories based on the age and interests of the child, including, Let's listen to stories, Let's use our hands, Let's give it a try, and Let's put on our thinking caps. Each category is offered in a packaged format that combines 10 or 20 contents with well-balanced digital picture book contents. As an additional fee-based option, it is also possible to offer a digital picture book selection customized to the needs and desires of the company introducing the new system. All contents are authorized for use at commercial facilities based on permission from the copyright holders or sales agents, including the illustrations and text related to the picture books along with audio sources.

-  Types and Features of Digital Picture Books

Let's listen to stories: Video and storytelling functions are attached to popular fairy tales and folk tales.

Let's use our hands: A function that will keep even small children happy and occupied by allowing them to create picture by tapping their figures on the screen.

Let's give it a try: A function that allows children to play in an active manner, arousing creative and imaginative capabilities.

Let's put on our thinking caps: A digital function that allows children to think while having fun.

[Anticipated Usage Scenes]

  • Children's spaces: At automobile sales agents, show house exhibitions, banks, automobile goods outlets, and insurance agents targeting parents with children in order to facilitate relaxed business negotiations.
  • Commercial facilities and entertainment facilities: Facilities aiming to boost store visits by parents with children and repeat users.
  • Kindergartens, child care centers and libraries: Facilities offering services for children.

[Reference Prices]

Estimates shall be prepared on an individual basis.

  • In cases of 2-week rentals of a package including three tablet terminals loaded with 10 contents: from 600,000 yen.
  • Exclusive of Japanese consumption tax, forwarding, space design and event costs.

[Looking Ahead]

In addition to creating contents that develop children's intellectual curiosity in cooperation with publishing companies, and promoting the new service, DNP and DMC will work to improve the service to reflect the needs of the companies introducing the service.

DNP and DMC aim for total sales in the three years until March 31, 2017 of 200 million yen.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.