DNP and DNP Media Create Enhance Cloud Service Line Up

Distributes operational support contents for tablets and smart phones

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP), and DNP Media Create Co., Ltd. (DMC) a 100% subsidiary of DNP involved in commercial printing along with event planning and production, have upgraded their cloud service line up that distributes operational support contents for tablet terminals, smart phones and computers. The new services will commence on November 10, 2014.

The new services distribute contents, such as catalogues, planning proposals and surveys to digital devices, aiming to improve sales promotion effects. These include tablet terminals used in servicing customers at retail outlets, or in business discussions at client offices. On this occasion, DNP and DMC have implemented major improvements to the service. Security, operational management, and log functions have been strengthened, and functions, such as e-POP, information sharing, and multi-lingual responses added. The new enhanced service contents will now be offered mainly to the financial, distribution, retail and manufacturing industries.

[Backdrop to Version Enhancements]

DNP and DMC started offering tablet terminal applications for specialized use in face-to-face sales from 2012. In 2013 catalogue system contents management, and delivery functions for catalogue distribution systems developed by DNP and DMC were integrated with this application. The new system was developed as a service for the comprehensive management and distribution of operational support contents. At the same time, our companies commenced the provision of a cloud service that cut adoption and operational costs. In addition to e-catalogues and proposals, by using this cloud service, it is also possible to distribute rich contents, such as interactive flow charts, in an efficient manner. By making use of the log function, it is also possible to make client servicing and business talks more visible leading to further improvements. Apart from such functions, the DMC product support system for highly appealing contents has developed a firm reputation, and the cloud service has built up a track record of more than 80 adoptions.

DNP and DMC have strengthened the security and operational management functions, based on feedback from companies that have adopted the service, in particular the many requests from financial institutions and manufacturers. And based on the needs, mainly of distributors and retailers, multilingual responses and e-POP have been added and log functions strengthened.  

[Version Upgrades]

The following contents functions have been strengthened:

- Security measures

This upgrade helps ensure client peace of mind, by restricting usable terminals, encrypting contents, separating authority on a user basis, and limiting the contents that those users can view. This service also uses the latest DNP data center equipped with high level security features.

- Always displays the latest contents

When contents are updated, they are automatically distributed or listed. And by maintaining the latest contents on computer screens at all times, and automatically erasing contents previously downloaded to terminals, management task burdens can be reduced.

- Analysis of usage conditions via a detailed log

In addition to existing capabilities, such as log management of download and viewing volume, the updated version allows users to obtain detailed logs, including information such as key screen operations and screen transfers. Based on such logs, it is possible to visualize usage conditions in a graph format, for example. It is also possible to compare business discussion results (contracts, pending issues and lost orders) with the log to improve the flow of business discussions.

The following functions have also been added:

- E-POP functions

Can be used as POP terminal supporting product selection and function explanations, operated by the consumer, themselves, at retail outlet sales counters.

- Information sharing

Can be used for information sharing by uploading photographs and/or video taken with digital devices at retail outlets or client offices. For example, it is possible to promote prompt information sharing of images of in-store displays.

- Multilingual responses

Multilingual contents will be developed in order to support use by overseas clients and sightseers to Japan. It is also possible to select Japanese or English as the display language for the application software.

[Anticipated Usage]

1.  Business discussion support

For use as a business discussion tool (catalogues, pamphlets etc.) at retail outlets, client offices exhibition halls and showrooms, and as a presentation tool (proposals, demonstration videos etc.), to support smooth sales activities.

2.  Client servicing support

By distributing contents, such as product information and client servicing know-how, it is possible to improve client servicing skills for in-store sales staff. Can also be used to analyze client servicing status, visualizing improved skill progress, strengthening sales systems, and drawing up sales strategy.

3.  E-POP and digitals signage uses

By installing tablet terminals as e-POP and digital signage that consumers can operate, themselves, on an interactive basis at retail outlets where it is not possible to deploy staff, and distributing contents to the terminal. Similar effects can be gained as those seen in face-to-face client servicing, even in cases where retail outlets are unmanned. By analyzing consumer usage status it is possible to use such data as marketing information.

4.  Sharing contents with member outlets and corporate members

It is possible to share materials, images and video between multiple companies, such as member outlets and corporate groups, as business discussion and client servicing contents.

[Pricing and Future Developments]

Pre-tax prices

Start-up fees: 30,000 yen

Monthly usage fees: From 30,000 yen

DNP and DMC will market the updated service to financial institutions, distributors, retailers and manufacturers, while also supporting the production and planning of video and audio-based product introductions along with contents designed to draw out consumer needs.

DNP and DMC aim for sales of 800 million yen in the 3-year period to fiscal year 2016.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.