DNP Launches honto pocket

E-book format allows for instant reading of titles with no need to register

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce the launch of honto pocket, a dedicated reading terminal with a pre-installed collection of e-book titles allowing users to read books immediately following purchase, with no need to make web-based member registrations or bothersome downloads.

As a first step, honto pocket will offer 5 different product packages, beginning with the Complete Works of Agatha Christie containing 100 timeless masterpieces by the acknowledged Queen of Crime, published by Hayakawa Publishing Corporation. The new dedicated reading terminal will go on sale from December 11 from four bookstores in the DNP Group, including 3 outlets of Maruzen, and one from Junkudo.1     

[Overview of honto pocket]

1.  Possible to store a maximum of 100 e-book titles

Up to 100 e-book titles can be stored on a single e-book terminal. Apart from the fact that the paperback-sized terminal is light, it does not pose the storage problems of paperbacks, facilitating space saving on bookshelves.

2.  Simple design makes honto pocket easy to use

honto pocket uses energy saving e-paper that is soft on the eye, and a design based on an electric power switch and just three other buttons, making for easy use. It operates on two AA batteries, and can be used for reading without any recharging concerns. honto pocket is also equipped with a function for magnifying or shrinking text, allowing readers who might be inconvenienced by smaller lettering to read at their leisure.

3.  Pre-installed titles

honto pocket is sold in a format that includes pre-installed e-book titles, meaning that it is possible to read immediately after turning on the power. It is not necessary to connect to the internet, register as a member or purchase or download individual e-books.

[Product Lineup]

Package name

Set contents

Retail price (exclusive of tax)

Complete Works of Agatha Christie

100 titles

74,800 yen

The Poirot novels(Agatha Christie)

43 titles

32,800 yen

A Selected Ellery Queen

27 titles

19,800 yen

Arsène Lupin contre Sherlock Holmes

14 titles

9,800 yen

Complete Guin Saga (First volume)

80 titles

39,800 yen

These titles will initially be sold on a limited basis.

[Product Specification]



Display panel

5inch E Ink panel 800 x 600 pixels

Manual operation buttons

Power button, Directional button (left/right), menu/enter button


144.0mm x 112.5mm x 21.0mm (Including maximum projection)

144.0mm x 105.0mm x 8.5mm(exclusive of projection)


Approximately130g (batteries not included)

Power source

Two AA batteries

Battery life

Continuous use : More than 3,000 pages displayed at a rate of 1 page per 30 second interval

With the power source off: Approximately 6 months

Operating temperature

5~35°C, 30~80%RH

[Future Developments]

From January 2015, honto pocket will be handled by the honto net store, a hybrid bookstore service operated by 2Dfacto, a DNP group company.

DNP will consider the launch of new honto pocket packages. The Company will also propose the digitalization of the contents in their ownership to enterprises beginning with publishing companies, and will also operate a B2B service offering reading terminals with pre-installed contents.


1: Maruzen: Marunouchi, Nihonbashi and Ochanomizu outlets.
   Junkudo: Ikebukuro outlet


* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.