DNP Launches Order Management Service

Provides centralized control of promotional materials

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has added an order management function to existing Software as a Service (SaaS) services1 that perform centralized management of inventory and delivery functions for promotional materials and business forms. The new expanded lineup will be offered from December 4, 2014.

The new expanded lineup supports the selection of suppliers by sharing and comparing price quotation information. And is a service that provides management of order-related operations from order-issuing to payment following order pricing decisions.   

[Backdrop to Service Launch]

Amidst the increasing priority being place on compliance issues, the provision of internal controls has become an urgent issue. IT-based efficiency improvements are also essential. In instances such as these, unlike existing products, it is difficult to ascertain fair pricing for order-made dedicated products, such as promotional materials. This produces operational burdens, such as the need to compare price quotation information from multiple order suppliers and/or order histories. In answer to these needs, DNP will support the selection of printing companies via the carefree sharing and comparison of price quotation data when issuing new orders, and will launch a service to manage operations from orders to payment following order pricing decisions.

By making seamless-linkage possible between the newly developed order management service and delivery management services currently offered by DNP, it is also possible to perform centralized management and achieve optimization of the entire promotional material supply chain.

[New Service Summary]

When companies requesting price quotations access the order management service website and register estimate specifications, an e-mail is sent to designated printing companies notifying them of the price quotation information request. Each printing company then confirms the specification and delivery date and registers their price quotation. The company making the estimate request can compare the registered price quotation information from multiple companies, along with previous estimates, and select a supplier.

To date, when forwarding purchase orders and bills to printing companies, this required operations such as mailing or hand delivering. The newly expanded service lineup, however, uses the internet to generate documentation from output of purchasing orders to the linking of payment information to the accounting system. Following pricing decisions companies formally issue manufacturing requests, and the printing company makes replies regarding delivery, and registers shipment information. Following delivery, the order information included in the billing document is confirmed, approved and payment data is output. As this allows both the company issuing the order and the printing company undertaking the request to confirm the status of these operations as needed, it can be said to lead to improved operational efficiency.

[New Service Features]

1.  Facilitates low cost adoption with short lead times and information security

All products in the order management service lineup are offered in a SaaS format in a similar fashion to existing delivery management services. As a result, it is possible to commence the service at low cost and with just short lead times when compared to cases where systems are configured on an in-house basis. This new service achieves a secure operational system, including the encrypting of price quotation information as confidential information, along with the management of the system operator's log.

2.  Seamless linkage with delivery management systems

This latest service makes it possible to provide total support for all operations related to the management of promotional materials from the management of price quotation information, order issuance and billing to delivery, inventories and shipment. It is possible to adopt the delivery management service and the order management service on an individual basis.

3.  Effective as an internal control tool

The new service can be used not only to achieve operational efficiency, but also as an internal control tool to achieve cost optimization, compliance with proper workflow procedures, such as issuing purchase orders following the obtaining of price quotation information. The service can also be used to thoroughly examine competitive quotes, and make comparisons with past quotes.

[Pre-tax Prices]

Start-up fees: Start at 1.0 million yen

Monthly usage fees: Start at 300,000 yen

[Future Developments]

DNP will market this newly expanded service to the promotional materials production ordering department of companies, aiming for total sales of 5 billion yen by fiscal year 2018 including the production of promotional materials and logistics operations servicing.


1: A service offered by DNP from January 2001 providing the centralized management through a web browser of inventory management and shipping operations for business forms and promotional materials such as catalogues, leaflets and POP. To date, this service has been adopted by more than 60 companies and has developed a reputation for superior operability. In June 2012, a low cost version was added that targets smaller companies, making it possible to adopt the service at low cost and with just a short lead time.


* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.