DNP Adds O2O Platform Function Targeting Smart Phones

Expands survey based O2O effects

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has added loyalty points tie-in and survey functions to existing platforms that provide a variety of necessary functions in a cloud format for Online-to-Offline (O2O) services used in internet based store-visit promotions. The new service commences November 11, 2014.

[Developmental Backdrop]

There is an increasing demand for O2O services designed so that internet based online, and stored based offline purchasing activities mutually impact each other. This includes instances, such companies distributing coupons and sales notices to consumer smart phones, and coaxing internet users to visit stores and make purchases, with the objective of creating good customers.

Since November 2013 DNP has offered a cloud platform function allowing for the adoption of O2O services in a timely manner and also at low cost, for retail outlets or companies looking to introduce such services. This has been achieved by developing smart phone applications that can be easily established, and opening up the use of servers. In April 2014, the Company provided links to existing internet-based flyer services through which DNP provides the latest local shopping information and added internet-based flyer distribution functions from pre-registered retail outlets, and continues to improve the convenience of these services.

In order to answer the extended needs of retail outlets and companies, DNP has added functions facilitating links with loyalty points services and the implementation of internet site based surveys.

[Overview of O2O Platform]

The application used in the platform is equipped with news distribution, coupon issuance, coupon saving and management, digital member IDs, an in-built browser, push notification and usage log downloads as standard functions. And it is also possible to add such optional functions as internet flyers.

As a result of this latest version upgrade, it is now possible form links to existing loyalty points services operated by retail outlets and companies, and view points based information on the application. Functions have also been added that facilitate the care free implementation of surveys targeting members using the application, and those which distribute privileges, such as time-limited coupons, to members answering the surveys.

[Pre-Tax Pricing]

Basic functions:

Start up fees: Prices begin from 1.5 million yen

Monthly usage fees: From 150,000 yen per smart phone OS

Loyalty points tie up function addition:

Prices begin from 1.0 million yen

Monthly usage fees: From 50,000 yen

Survey function addition:

Prices begin from 100,000 yen

Monthly usage fees: From 40,000 yen

[Forward Looking Events]

DNP plans to create links between a uniquely developed values cluster that distinguishes between consumer senses of values and this platform to provide O2O services matching the values of each member, and also to improve the convenience of the application to platform users. The Company will also progressively add new functions incorporating the needs of consumers and companies. DNP will offer this new platform mainly to retailers and distributors, such as supermarkets and drug stores, and the service industry, aiming for sales of 500 million yen by fiscal year 2015.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.