DNP Develops Photo Print Vending Machine for Use with Product Boxes

Allows for original expressions using text and stamps

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed a vending machine capable of on-the-spot printing of photos and text on product boxes, such as those for confectionary, foods and daily provisions. The Company will commence sales of this new development, as a vending machine to be installed at souvenir counters at retail outlets, sightseeing locations and amusement facilities, to industries, including confectionery, foods, beverages and those for daily provisions in April 2015.  

[Development Background]

This on-demand print service that allows users to print their favorite photographs, illustrations and messages on product packages is developing a reputation among consumers for originality, and a premium expression, which is feeding into expanded use. At the same time, from the company side, we are seeing increased needs to discriminate products from those of other companies, and provide products with a higher value added quotient. To date, however, on-demand print services have faced the challenge of taking time to be delivered to the consumer, who has been obliged to place their order over the internet, as well as requiring consumers to assume the burden of delivery costs.

[Product Features]

The newly developed product is a vending machine equipped with functions allowing consumers to use photographs, illustrations and hand written messages to produce packages designed to their own liking and to purchase them on-the-spot. At the same time as providing a service that allows consumers to enjoy producing original products, this new product is also expected to lead to brand improvements for products targeting consumers, along with the development of royalties.

- Facilitates Original Designs based on Photos, Illustrations and Hand-Written Text

The newly developed vending machine allows consumers to produce highly original packaging tailor made to specific use scenes, such as gifts that include dates and messages, special events and souvenirs from sightseeing locations. This is achieved by taking the photos that consumers have shot themselves, and/or hand-written text messages and combining them with image materials, such as stamps provided by the company offering the on-demand print service. Such stamps can be customized to match company needs, and include such elements as product logos and characters, scenery or illustrations.

- High Speed Printing Makes it Possible for Consumers to Obtain Finished Products On-The-Spot at Sightseeing Spots and Retail Outlets

As the time required from the printing of the product package to output is just 15 seconds per unit, it is possible to pick up the finished product then and there!

- Facilitates Chroma Key Synthesis

By selecting in advance the images the consumer wishes to use as a background from among the provided images, it is possible to cut out figures and faces from photos and synthesize these with the desired background, in a process known as Chroma Key synthesis, then print out the results. Apart from product characters, by using well known sightseeing spots and/or vehicles, it is possible to express the product's entertainment features.

- Multilingual Responses

Standard language features on the operations screen for the newly developed product are Japanese and English. Other languages can be added as an option.

[Product Specification]


(Breadth)600 X (Depth)500 X (Height)900mm

(Height including coin handling portion on lower level: 1800mm)



Power source


Usage instructions

Payment via coin/note. May also be operated by reading a unique barcode printed on tickets and/or receipts.

Usable photos

1. Photographs taken on-the-spot

2. Photographs contained in SD cards

3. Photographs contained in Wi-Fi compatible smart phones

4. Pre-installed Images

Package size

Minimum: (Vertical)80 X (Lateral)50 X (Height)15mm

Maximum: (Vertical)170 X (Lateral)100 X (Height)30mm

Product display format

1 column/3 columns/ manual feed tray

(For example, in cases where the product package size comes in the dimension of 120 X 80 X 15mm, it is possible to store approximately 30 units in a single column format, or about 100 units in a three columns format.

Print format

4 color inkjet

* Can be customized to match desired functions and/or specifications.


5.0 million Yen on a pre-tax basis.

* Price estimates will be quoted on an individual basis, as prices may differ on a lot-basis.

[Looking Ahead]

DNP will market the newly developed product to retail outlets, confectionary, foods, and daily provisions manufacturers with their own plants, along with distribution related companies, aiming from sales over the next 3 years of 1.0 billion yen.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.