DNP Digitalcom Co., Ltd. Develops Contest Entry Service Using Cloud Telephone API

DNP Digitalcom Co., Ltd. (DNP Digitalcom), a 100% subsidiary of Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP), a company that provides a variety of e-media solutions, has developed a new contest entry service that uses a cloud telephone Application Programming Interface (API1) capable of dealing with both incoming and outgoing internet telephone calls, and of sending and receiving Short Messages (SMS). Consumers can easily complete contest entries by telephoning a dedicated phone number and punching their phone’s pushbuttons in line with the recorded instructions. As this newly developed system can be used without the need to engage in the input tasks required when applying through websites, companies adopting the new system can look forward to increased contest entries and an expanded contest effect.

1: Cloud Telephone API: A service that facilitates internet telephones and the sending and receiving of SMS. By merely integrating the API with the application, it is possible to use a variety of functions, including calling and answering functions, functions for replaying uploaded audio, synthetic voice-based text reading functions, and SMS functions. The newly developed service uses Twilio, a service of San Francisco, CA based Twilio, distributed in Japan by offered by KDDI Web Communications Inc.

[Special Contest Menu]

Entrants are identified by their telephone numbers when contacting the dedicated contest number. And by following the recorded message guidance it is possible to complete the entry process by answering the survey or quiz, and recording prize selection via a push button phone entry. The organizers perform the draw at a later date and notify winners of the results via a telephone operator or SMS.

[Instant Win Contest Menu]

As with the Special Contest Menu, applicants are identified by their telephone numbers. It is possible to confirm purchases merely by inputting the entry serial number on the seal attached to the target product via the telephone push buttons. An automatic system performs an instant draw, and the entrant knows whether they have won or not then and there, and in the case of winners notifies them of an SMS-based URL to be contacted in order to receive prizes in a timely manner.

[Pre-Tax Prices]


Monthly Costs

Special contest menu *2

From 300,000 yen

Instant win contest menu *3

From 400,000 yen

2: Costs for conducting the draw and contacting the winners will be quoted separately.
3: Costs for SMS contacts to the winners will be quoted separately.
* Costs include start-up fees, hosting fees, and incoming call fees up to 10,000 minutes via a 050 number.

[Forward Looking Developments]

DNP will provide the new service to domestic manufacturers, aiming for sales of 100 million yen over the next 5 years.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.