DNP Launches Operational Marketing Tests for Reissued Books in Small-lot On Demand Format at Bookstores

Aims to create sales opportunities for publishing companies

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) will reissue out-of-print books, or those for which second impressions have yet to be decided, in an on demand format that facilitates small-lot manufacture and will launch operational tests at the Maruzen Marunouchi Main Store in Tokyo in September 1, 2014.

DNP launched a service for the manufacture, marketing and delivery of hard to find books, from lots as small as a single copy, in March 2001, and has offered this service online at Rakuten Ichiba since January 2014. The Company will reissue books that ranked highly on the online service, and those for which there were numerous inquiries at bookstores, in a small-lot format.

[Objective of On Demand Sales]

By taking out-of-print books, and those for which second impressions have yet to be decided, manufacturing them in small lots, and marketing them not only online, but also at bookstores, DNP aims to create opportunities for consumers to come into contact with books, and create an environment where publishing companies can reduce inventory risks. The Company aims to stay abreast of needs for on demand books and sales trends, as well as the synergy effect of selling through both online and real bookstore channels, and enhance services at on demand online bookstores and the bricks and mortar bookstores operated by the DNP Group.

[Overview of Store Based On Demand Books]

Sales period and sales outlets

  • Monday, September 1 - Sunday, September 14
  • Maruzen Marunouchi Main Store

Major contents to be verified through operational tests

  • Sales trends on a genre and title basis, the collation and analysis of marketing data, including reader response.
  • Following sales at real stores, to stay abreast of access trends to online stores selling on demand books.

[Online Stores Selling On Demand Books]

This is an on demand book specialty store offering the manufacture, marketing and delivery of books, in line with consumer orders, of lots as small as a single copy. The store offers approximately 2,000 titles*, mainly in the areas of the arts and humanities, and IT-related books, and can respond to orders for both hardcover and softcover binding formats.

The newly offered service operates by having publishing companies contract with Inc., a DNP group company engaged in the handling and marketing of e-books, then offering published materials to their customers.

 * As of July 2, 2014. As a separate option, other binding formats are available.

[Looking Ahead]

Through these operational tests, DNP will enhance on demand book services, and with the cooperation of publishing companies, will expand the lineup to a broader genre, including books, photo collections and comics. And in addition to putting on demand book-based reprints and real store based sales on a business footing, the Company will also increase the number of DNP Group bookstores, aiming for sales of 200 million yen by fiscal year 2019.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.