DNP, KOGAKU Publishing, and NTT Learning Systems Launch Validation Tests of Teaching Materials Targeting Prep Schools

Photos of texts taken with smart phones or tablet terminals linked to explanatory videos

KOGAKU Publishing Inc., NTT Learning Systems Corporation (NTT Learning Systems) and Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) have jointly launched validation tests of a system aimed at prep schools that links photos taken of texts with smart phones and/or tablet terminals with explanatory videos.

Looking ahead, the three companies will aim for fully-fledged deployment of this new service utilizing feedback from the tests.

[Background to Validation Tests]

Efforts aimed at improving learning effects using Information Communications technology (ICT), and those designed to produce increased validation efficiency are being carried out in the education business. For example, at prep schools, creating video contents of lecture scenes and providing services that allow these to be viewed from computers at home or in study rooms, as part of lesson preparation or revision. In instances where companies independently produce video contents or construct distribution systems, however, task and cost burdens have become a major obstacle.

To overcome this obstacle, KOGAKU Publishing, a company that publishes teaching materials targeting prep schools, NTT Learning Systems, a company that offers a service called SirBeT that displays digital contents related to printed materials photographed with smart phones etc., and DNP which produces printed materials and digital contents, have launched validation tests of teaching materials that facilitate viewing of explanatory video contents when pages from text books are photographed with smart phones or tablet terminals. Through these tests, in addition to surveying the validity of video contents as a new value added for text books, our companies will also endeavor to improve contents aiming for a fully-fledged service.

[Summary of the Newly Developed Teaching Materials]

Math Textbooks for Entrance Exam "Kansu / Zukei no Kiso (Function and Geometry Basics)" "Sugaku Daimon 1 no Kansei "Assembled Questions 1 for Math Completion" 640 yen per copy excluding tax

Chart problems that may be difficult to understand using the text alone are explained with video. Photographing text book problems via the application with smart phones and tablet terminals, results in the display of demonstrations of the charts, and easy to understand explanations of the problem. This is the first service in Japan to offer video contents linked to general purpose teaching materials for prep schools. It is planned to distribute the video contents by March 2015.

[Merits of the Teaching Materials]

From the Student Side

  • Problems that may be difficult to understand using the text alone become easier to understand via the use of video-based explanations.
  • The explanatory videos can be easily viewed merely by photographing the portion the student is uncertain of, making it possible to achieve efficient learning that omits the time necessary to look through reference books or search the web.
  • As long as a communication environment is provided for, it is possible to view the explanatory videos whether studying at home or on the move.
  • Commercially available smart phones or tablet terminals can be used.

From the Prep School Side

  • Given the use of video it is possible to conduct clearer, efficient and effective classes.
  • There is no need to create contents production and contents delivery systems anew, and it is easy to adopt this system.

[Breakdown of Responsibilities]

KOGAKU Publishing

Production of teaching materials contents, including problems and answers

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NTT Learning Systems

Provision of SirBeT

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Data analysis, production of printed materials, coordination of validation tests

[Looking Ahead]

The three companies will enter into studies targeting full scale deployment of the services based on feedback of the teaching materials from prep schools. KOGAKU Publishing will beef up its line-up of teaching materials with multiple subjects, and NTT Learning Systems will consider optimizing SirBeT to match the needs of prep schools. For its part, DNP will, throughout the tests, analyze the status of access to contents and produce contents that lead to an improved learning effect based on the results of that analysis, as well as investigating the delivery structure. DNP will also be responsible for development.

The three companies aim to start fully fledged operations of the new service by the year beginning April 1, 2015. In addition to aiming to boost sales of Math Textbooks for Entrance Exam "Kansu / Zukei no Kiso" "Sugaku Daimon 1 no Kansei" by 300 percent as a result of introducing this new service, our companies also aim for the expansion of services for other text-book as well as the launch of other year round teaching materials.


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