DNP Kyoto Uzumasa Cultural Heritage Gallery to Open October 9 ddd Gallery to Make Move from Nearby Osaka

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce the October 9 open of DNP Kyoto Uzumasa Cultural Heritage Gallery, as a new cultural activities base. The new gallery will open ddd gallery, a new graphic design information base following its move from Osaka where it has operated since 1991.

DNP Kyoto Uzumasa Cultural Heritage Gallery will introduce alongside new cultural heritage preservation and appreciation methods using DNP's digital archive technology.

[ddd Gallery]

DNP has a long involvement with graphic design, given its deep connections to printing, and has hosted numerous unique exhibitions following the 1986 establishment of the Ginza Graphic Gallery (ggg) in 1986 and the ddd gallery in Osaka in 1991. Since 1995, the Company has also operated the Center for Contemporary Graphic Art and Tyler Graphics Archive Collection (CCGA) in Fukushima Prefecture housing some 1,000 artifacts from the Tyler Graphics Ltd collection.

In the first exhibition following its relocation to Kyoto, ddd gallery will celebrate not only the renewed opening, but also its 200th exhibition with The Nippon Posters. Some 133 posters will be displayed that are believed to embody the unique traditional beauty of Japan. Included are works by Ikko Tanaka, Kazumasa Nagai and Tadanori Yokoo, selected from the DNP Graphic Design Archives collection, an organization involved in the collection and preservation of graphic design works.



Exhibition dates and Opening Hours

October 9 until December 20, 2104

Monday to Friday: AM11:00 - PM7:00

Saturday: AM11:00 - PM6:00

Sundays and National Holidays: Closed

Entry Fee: Free admission

Venue and Location

ddd gallery

Uzumasa-Kamikeibucho 10, Ukyo-Ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

(within the grounds of the DNP Kyoto plant)

[DNP Kyoto Uzumasa Cultural Heritage Gallery]

DNP Kyoto Uzumasa Cultural Heritage Gallery is designed to introduce the activities of the Louvre - DNP Museum Lab1 and the Kyoto Cultural Heritage Archive Project2. DNP has capitalized on the printing technology, developed and nurtured since the founding of the Company, with the digitalization and network-creation technology of text and video to establish optimal video and image archives for cultural heritage artifacts. The Company is also promoting effective output techniques using video and images. The new gallery makes it possible for visitors to experience a variety of new exhibit and appreciation approaches to cultural heritage artifacts proposed by DNP, including high-resolution images of the cultural heritage artifacts boasted by Kyoto, high-definition reproductions, and interactive art appreciation systems jointly developed by the Musée du Louvre and DNP.

1: Louvre - DNP Museum Lab is a joint collaboration project involving DNP and the Musée du Louvre that capitalizes on DNP know-how and technology to conduct activities offering a variety of entrees to the enjoyment of art appreciation. First launched in 2006, Louvre - DNP Museum Lab has since developed approximately 100 hands-on appreciation systems, some of which have been officially adopted in permanent exhibition spaces at the Musée du Louvre in Paris. Under this project, the development of teaching materials that use digital technology in art appreciation education is an important topic. And by providing these materials for school art classes along with educational and promotional activities at museums and art galleries, such materials contribute to expanded opportunities for people to familiarize themselves with art.
2: The Kyoto Cultural Heritage Archive Project was launched in 2014 by TOMORROW'S KYOTO Cultural Heritage Platform, and Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc., aiming to preserve tangible and intangible cultural artifacts from Kyoto, beginning with world heritage artifacts. The project gets underway with the archiving and preservation of high-definition images from 17 shrines, temples and castles included in the registration of Kyoto as a World Heritage site. Events and educational activities will be hosted designed to link cultural artifact owners and future generations, and conducted under the theme of preserving and passing on traditional cultural artifacts that have been handed down throughout history.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: AM11:00 - PM7:00

Saturday: AM11:00 - PM6:00

Sundays and National Holidays: Closed

Entry Fee: Free admission

Venue and Location

DNP Kyoto Uzumasa Cultural Heritage Gallery (within the grounds of the DNP Kyoto plant

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