DNP and Convano Enter into Business Alliance

Will operate digital signage-based ad distribution business


Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) and Convano Inc. (Convano) have entered into a business alliance. Convano operates the nail salon, FAST NAIL, and the two partners will engage in an ad distribution business targeting digital signage installed at FAST NAIL retail outlets. Convano will adopt the DNP-produced contents distribution system, and from August will commence ad distribution targeting digital signage installed at 31 FAST NAIL retail outlets in the greater Tokyo area.

[DNP Contents Distribution System]

The DNP contents distribution system facilitates the efficient operation of contents production and management targeting digital signage with just a few simple operations. Two versions are presently offered depending on the digital signage installment environment; a network version that distributes contents through networks, and a standalone version that updates contents through recording media such as USB memory sticks. Both versions are equipped with functions such as those that produce contents targeting digital signage from printed materials and/or website data in a timely and carefree manner, or those that perform network-based contents distribution using SD memory cards integrated with wireless LAN.  

[FAST NAIL Ad Distribution]

FAST NAIL is a nail salon used on an annual basis by more than 300,000 female clients with an interest in new products related to beauty and health. In this latest development, the digital signage-based ad distribution targets companies offering beauty and health-related products and services. As a result, it is possible to provide a new marketing venue based on outlets frequented by female clients with a highly developed aesthetic sense.  

Nail treatments require the client to surrender use of their hands, meaning they are unable to read magazines or use their smart phones for approximately 30 minutes.  Convano has installed digital signage at its salons in order to keep clients occupied during such treatments. Clients can now watch news programs and cosmetic-related advertorials, with programming enjoying virtually 100% viewing rates!

Convano will also launch a smart phone-based reservation application from August 2015, and will create an ad menu allowing clients viewing the digital signage to download applications, and receive giveaways from advertisers by answering questionnaires.

In store real promotions will also be enhanced. For example, it will be possible to distribute prototypes of the products introduced via digital signage.

DNP anticipates the following potential advertisers; publishers, operators of portal sites for cosmetic information, contents holders, mail order operators, travel companies, convenience stores, restaurants and insurance companies. Companies producing cosmetics, consumer goods, alcohol, beverages, health supplements, foods, apparel and jewelry are also viewed as potential advertisers.

[Forward Looking Developments]

As a result of the business alliance with Convano, DNP will launch an advertising menu targeting females, aiming for sales of 400 million yen by FY 2018.

Looking ahead, DNP also plans to develop advertising menus targeting existing digital signage at universities and book stores, along with new digital signage, creating new points of contact for advertisers and consumers.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.