DNP Acquires All Shares in TAMURA PLASTIC


Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce the acquisition of all shares in TAMURA PLASTIC MFG. Co., Ltd. (TAMURA PLASTIC), a company holding superior molding and resin molding technologies, and with a substantial domestic share in side visors attached to the upper portion of automobile windows. The shares have been acquired from Rising Japan Equity I, managed by Rising Japan Equity, Inc. The transaction was completed on August 6, 2015.


DNP positions Knowledge and Communication, Food and Healthcare, Environment and Energy, along with Lifestyle and Mobility as growth areas, and is actively engaged in the creation of goods and services that will become Tomorrow's Basics and provide a new value added to companies and consumers. In particular, in the area of Lifestyle and Mobility, the Company is putting efforts into expanding operations by developing products equipped with new functions. These activities include the development and marketing of flooring materials for housing and sheet materials for wallpapering along with interior finishing materials for automobiles and railroad carriages.

TAMURA PLASTIC is an established manufacturer of side visors for automobile windows, with a history of approximately 60 years. With strengths lie in high level resin molding technologies and manufacturing know-how, TAMURA PLASTIC has established strong trust-based relationships with domestic automobile manufacturers, and captured an overwhelming market share.

DNP has acquired all shares in TAMURA PLASTIC, and will fuse together the technology and know-how of the two companies in the growth area of Lifestyle and Mobility and automobiles, aiming for a major synergy-effect driven business expansion.

[Forward Looking Events]

As a result of this latest share acquisition, DNP will combine originally developed hard coat transfer film for automobile interiors and decorative film with the high level resin molding technologies from TAMURA PLASTIC to promote the development of competitive side visors and other new products. The two companies will expand business focused on the automobile area, aiming for sales of 10 billion yen in 2017.


Company name



 Kokihigashi 3-41, Komaki, Aichi 485-0059, Japan

Representative director

 Company president Kazuo Abe

Business contents

 Manufacturing and sale of plastic products for automobile components

Paid in capital

 60 million yen

Date of establishment

 July 1, 2013 (originally founded in May 1956)


 6,600 million yen (as of October 2014)

Number of employees

 154 (as of April 2015)

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