DNP and Green House Develop Sale Promotion Tool

Part of DM printed material becomes a display

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) and Green House Co., Ltd. (Green House), a company engaged in the manufacture and marketing of computer peripheral equipment, are pleased to announce the February 2, 2015 launch of a sales promotion tool that embeds a miniature display into printed materials, such as direct mail or pamphlets. The tool works by displaying video with sound that is activated by opening the pamphlet or direct mailing, and is a new sales promotion tool designed to promote interest and understanding of the underlying products.


In recent years, in addition to in-house posters and POP, sales promotion techniques, such as those that use digital signage and EPOP to deliver product usage or other detailed information via video with sound, have come into general usage. The need has also arisen for boosting the effect, via video combinations, of direct mailings that directly deliver information to consumers via post. Currently, however, it is normal to guide consumers to computer screens to view video by following a URL printed in the direct mailing, and the low access rate has become a challenge.

To meet this challenge, DNP and Green House have developed a sales promotion tool that displays video with sound on a miniature display embedded in the printed material. Adding video with sound to the printed product explanations boosts expectations of improved product appeal and understanding. And by announcing the fact that the enclosed video can be viewed on the envelope, consumer interest will be aroused, and open rates can be expected to rise.  

[Product Outline]

The new product is a sales promotion tool that displays video with sound on a miniature display built into the printed materials. Consumers can access video merely by opening the printed material, leading to increased expectations for improved video viewing opportunities. The functions buttons for the replay, stop, forward and return of the video, and also for volume adjustment are standard. As an additional option is to set video contents selection and audio recording.

In the case of miniature displays that use lithium batteries, there is the risk of accidents as a result of bending, or by applying pressure. Lithium-ion batteries are also governed by the Law for the Promotion of Effective Utilization of Resources. This law requires the establishment of a framework for recovery and recycling, which makes it difficult to use lithium-ion batteries as a mass distribution promotional tool. As this newly developed product is driven by dry cell batteries, it is not only easy to handle, but can also be easily applied to other uses apart from direct mailings, such as pamphlets and novelty goods.

Apart from printing technology such as pop up picture books that have been externally processed for impact, DNP will propose contents that boost product appeal through synergies between printing and video, and support direct mailing production at companies.

Power source

2 AAA dry cell batteries

Display size

2.8 inch

* with an additional option for 3.5 and 4.3 inch displays


320×240 pixels

Play time

Approx. 120minutes (alkaline dry cell batteries)

Function button

Replay, Stop, Forward, Back, Volume adjustment.

* with an additional option for contents selection and audio recording

  • Repeated use is possible if batteries are replaced.
  • Shipping tests necessary for each specification in the case of direct mailing.

[Pricing and Future Developments]

Pricing will be based on individual estimates taking into account printing specifications etc. By way of example, in the case of front and rear four color printing with an embedded 2.8 inch display, a unit cost of 4,200 yen (exclusive of tax) will be charged for a 10,000 unit lot.

DNP and Green House aim for 100,000 orders in FY 2015 from automobile sales agent catalogues, product explanations for in-store explanation use for food and cosmetics makers, picture books with video from publishers and greetings cards.   


* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.