DNP, DMC Develop Shopping Support Application

Distributes sales campaign info at local shops based on memo function

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) in conjunction with DNP Media Create Co., Ltd. (DMC), a totally-owned subsidiary of DNP engaged in the planning and production of commercial printing materials, has developed an application that transmits shopping support information to match smart phone-based memos and consumer behavior.

The newly developed application performs input support for shopping memos, and provides consumers with such shopping support functions as reminders. And by combining the application with in-store promotions, it is also possible to offer companies a promotion information distribution service that transmits information regarding in-store campaigns and product recommendations to this application.

The newly developed application will be distributed free of charge on GooglePlay from February 24. It is planned to make an iOS version of this application available from early March, 2015.

[Development Background]

Many shoppers make hand-written notes or record them using their smart phone memo functions in order to remember what they need to buy. DNP and DMC have focused on such shopping memos and have developed an application that does not just merely manage memos, but also allows companies to transmit information related to the products listed in the memos. This not only helps consumers to avoid forgetting shopping items, but also helps them to obtain the information they want in a timely fashion. For example, sales campaign information related to the listed products, and info on products that match the tastes of the particular consumer. The new application will also help companies make targeted promotions to consumers who frequently purchase specific products.

[Application Summary]

In addition to managing shopping memos, the newly developed application offers the following functions:

1, Prediction Conversion

Input candidates are clearly marked under Category, Brand and Product Name, facilitating the simple input of product details. And as the application employs a standard distribution industry data base, it is also possible to display input candidates in a highly precise manner.

2, Reminder Function

Memo contents reminders in locations conducive to shopping and purchase outlet information are sent in a timely fashion via push notification. This means there is no need for consumers to set the time or location of their shopping needs. Such data as product size and urgency is comprehensively assessed and transmitted by analyzing consumer likes and dislikes and other behavioral patterns using GPS functions, along with transfer information for the homeward journey along with shopping locations in the consumer' s neighborhood. Target outlets include some 80,000 food-based supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores and department stores.

3, Shared Functions

Shopping memos can be shared with family and friends. Apart from being able to transmit shared notification with attached memos, it is also possible to share purchased check marks.

DNP and DMC will offer promotion information delivery services and in-store productions linked to the newly developed application. Consumer tastes will be analyzed based on shopping memos and attribute data, and in-store sales campaigns, product recommendations and coupons will be transmitted to the application to help promote purchases.  

[Looking Ahead]

Looking ahead, game functions designed to entice the user to update shopping memos on a continuous basis will be added to the application. DNP also aims to improve the precision of the algorithms that notify consumers of the optimal timing for shopping, while also analyzing products.

DNP will refer to the opinions of user companies, aiming for a fully-fledged launch for the promotion information distribution service in FY 2015.


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