DNP Commences Multilingual Data Service Using Original Tablet Terminal

Can be used in face-to-face situations at hotels and banks

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
Joho Center Publishing Co., Ltd.

DNP Media Create Co., Ltd. (DMC), a totally-owned subsidiary of Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) engaged in the planning and production of commercial printing materials, in conjunction with Joho Center Publishing Co., Ltd. (Joho Center Publishing), a company engaged in the development of multilingual communication tools, are pleased to announce the February 23, 2015 launch of a tablet terminal-based customer support service for overseas visitors.

The new service works by tapping the screen of the tablet terminal to obtain the information necessary to provide customer service, and following successful test operations has been adopted at the Ginza Mitsukoshi store operated by Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd.

[Service Launch]

The number of overseas visitors to Japan topped the 13 million figure in 2014, setting a historical high, and is expected to continue rising. Commercial facilities, such as department stores, view improving services for overseas visitors as an important marketing measure, and are strengthening activities in this area. So far, DNP has offered a DMC developed cloud service that distributes catalogues to tablet terminals for use in face-to-face sales or business negotiations, along with sales manuals. Many of the companies adopting these services positively report their effect in boosting customer service and improving service. Joho Center Publishing publishes phrase books that are useful when entertaining overseas guests, develops e-book applications and provides various solutions. In this latest development, the customer support service contents for overseas visitors created by Joho Center Publishing have been combined with the DNP contents delivery service. This has led to the development of a new service offering multilingual contents for communication by merely tapping the screen of a tablet terminal.

[Service Summary]

Sales staff can call up a list of foreign language phrases on a tablet terminal screen, and by having overseas visitors tap on the appropriate phrase, this system facilitates the interactive selection of products and/or services that match visitor needs. It is also possible reproduce audio in a native-speaker voice at the same time as the phrase is displayed in the screen. The phrases used have been selected on a situation-based Q&A simulation, which include initial greetings and payment sequences for use with 18 industries, including home electric mass merchandisers, restaurants, hotels, transport and financial institutions. The contents also include customized layouts and a page composition to match the needs of specific industries and/or companies. English, Chinese, Korean and Thai are offered, and it is also possible to provide other languages on request. In addition to client company product catalogues and customer service manuals, contents can also be transmitted to tablet terminals from cloud-based Contents Management Systems.

[Service Features]

  • Joho Center Publishing capitalizes on phrase book know-how to offer highly practical Q&A simulations.
  • For its part, the DNP Group is able to leverage the production know-how developed through sales promotion support activities, to offer contents with a user interface that is easy for sales staff to use.  
  • The tablet terminal user log is automatically collected by the server. And by visualizing the accumulated log data in a graph for analytical purposes, this helps identify on site challenges, and can be used in ongoing service improvements.
  • When the latest contents are transmitted from the cloud server, terminal contents are automatically renewed, ensuring up to date management of the latest version.

[Adoption by Ginza Mitsukoshi Store]

The Ginza Mitsukoshi department store in central Tokyo sees many overseas visitors, requiring the deployment of multilingual staff, and it is no surprise that the store is actively engaged in expanding services for such visitors. In this latest development, the new service underwent test operations, as a customer service tool, and since mid-February has been used in a Chinese language format to choose clothing type and sizes at the ladies wear and children' s wear counters of the store.

[Pricing (Pre-tax Basis)]


 Single language plan

 Four language plan


Basic phrases for a single language + 1 designated industry, and the production of approximately 10 tablet terminal-based pages.

Basic phrases for four languages (e.g., English, Chinese, Korean and Thai) + 1 designated industry, and the production of approximately 10 tablet terminal-based pages.

Start-up fees

From 1.5 million yen

From 3.0 million yen

Monthly fees

From 30,000 yen per month


Storage volume: 1GB, terminal numbers: 50, supported OS: iOS, Android

DNP is also happy to offer quotes based on such company needs as relevant language and terminal numbers.

 [Looking Ahead]

DNP will enhance the service lineup targeting visitors from overseas, and will offer the new service to distributor and retail outlets, restaurants, hotels and ryokan, hospitals, public facilities and amusement facilities, aiming for sales of 1.0 billion yen by FY 2016 from all related products.

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