DNP Expands Mobile Wallet Function

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has taken its existing cloud-based mobile wallet service that centrally manages payment and loyalty services on a smart phone, formed links between its in-house prepaid services and credit services, and added charging functions for credit payment on in-house prepaid services. As a result, DNP has achieved service-to-service linkage that are a feature of wallet-based services, and will offer the newly enhanced service from late March 2015.

[Function Expansions]

The need for a wallet service that performs unified management of multiple services, such as payment and loyalty points on smart phones, are on the rise not only overseas where mobile wallet functions are seeing increased use, but also in Japan. Several wallet services are currently in use on a domestic basis, but such services are allowed to fully exhibit their original strengths in only a rare number of cases. These include, improved convenience through via the linkage of multiple services and/or effective marketing through analysis of usage logs that cover the entire service.

DNP commenced offering mobile wallet services in 2012, and in addition to the unified management of multiple services, has also promoted such activities as service-to-service linkage and the use of various service usage logs in marketing.

As a result of providing links between in-house prepaid services and credit services, it is now possible for companies to easily provide consumers with cashless convenience, by charging in-house prepaid services via credit settlements.

Other additional service-to-service linkage functions are also offered in a customized format, including switching in-house loyalty points to in-house prepaid services, and exchanging them for loyalty points from other organizations. As a result, it is now possible for companies to directly tie such services to improved customer loyalty.

[DNP Mobile Wallet Features]

  • Using the DNP mobile wallet service application, it is now possible to use various services, such as settlement, loyalty points and sales coupons via a common user interface.
  • By linking multiple services compatible with the DNP Mobile Wallet service, it is now possible to boost consumer convenience. Services and applications that are not compatible with the DNP Mobile Wallet service can also be linked via the DNP Mobile Wallet service server.
  • By using multiple service usage logs as big data for marketing purposes, it is possible to improve customer loyalty and contribute to the creation of new corporate business.
  • The expanded service is compatible with a variety of interfaces, including Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, Near Field Communication (NFC), FeliCa®, 2-dimensional barcodes and other barcode types.
  • By using DNP offered Online-to-Offline (O2O) services, companies can also create a variety of services that are compatible with the DNP Mobile Wallet service.

[Future Developments]

DNP will continue to expand Mobile Wallet service functions. DNP also plans to provide links to Card Linked Offer (CLO) services, allowing consumers to enjoy such privileges as cash-back services when paying with credit cards at retail outlets. This is achieved by having smart phones receive radio and/or audio waves from BLE beacons installed at stores, and distributing the related contents to their phones, or by forwarding sales coupons to card member smart phones that match their member attributes or settlement history.

DNP aims for total sales of approximately 3.0 billion yen in the three years to FY 2017 from Mobile Wallet services, and related products.


· FeliCa® is a contactless IC card technology developed by Sony Corporation.
· FeliCa® is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation
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