DNP and ID' s Extend O2O Services to Perishable Foods and Delicatessen Products Via Net-Flyer and POS Data Analysis Tie Up

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
ID's Co., Ltd.

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) and ID' s Co., Ltd. (ID' s) are pleased to announce the expansion of joint online-to-offline (O2O) services to include fresh produce, fresh fish and meat along with delicatessen products. These services have so far targeted retailers, and combined the DNP net-flyer services with an ID-POS data analysis service from ID' s, a company that has successfully created Japan' s first unified code for perishable foods.

In addition, from March 16, DNP will commence activities as a sales agent for ID' s ID-POS data analysis service.

[New Service]

At outlets such as supermarkets in Japan, it is now possible to use POS data to manage purchasing history, such as sales dates and times, product names and volume, based on the fact that products, such as processed foods and daily necessities are tagged with a JAN code shared on a national basis. Unified codes for fresh produce, fresh fish and meat along with delicatessen products that are important in helping outlets discriminate themselves from other merchants, have not been available so far. As a result, companies managed purchasing information via unique category and product codes, making it impossible to perform relative analysis and assessments, such as comparisons with other stores. To overcome this challenge, ID' s has developed the first unified code in Japan that will be tagged to four products in this latest development, making it possible to use purchase data in sales promotion activities.

Since 2013, DNP and ID' s have been cooperating in O2O services that use net-based services to transfer customers to real retail outlets, and also in sales promotions. Our companies collate mail member purchase histories, and information listed on net-flyers, to offer services designed to boost the sales promotion effect, such as offering optimal sales promotion information in a mail magazine on a member-by-member basis. In this latest development, as a result of using the newly developed unified code, it has been possible to achieve an O2O service targeting fresh produce, fresh fish and meat along with delicatessen products.

[Service Example]

One instance would be recommendations for fresh produce, fresh fish and meat and delicatessen offers, and sales coupons, distributed to mail magazines targeting members of loyalty points programs operated by retail outlets. As these contents are generated according to purchasing histories that differ from member to member. The mail magazines also list the URL for the DNP net flyer distribution service, making it possible to view net flyers from different retailers via the provided link, and receive sales coupons, by inputting member ID information. Coupons are obtained via net flyers, and by using them at retailers, links are formed between mail magazines and net flyers and consumer behavior, making it possible for companies to ascertain the effect of measures to transfer customers to real stores.

In addition to providing optimal recommendation information on a member-by-member basis via ID-POS data, by ascertaining consumer responses to such transmitted data, DNP and ID' s can also promote accurate sales promotion measures and provide both consumers and companies with more useful services.

[DNP as ID-POS Information Analysis Service Sale Agent]

The ID-POS data analysis service offered by ID' s is a cloud-based marketing service facilitating the collection and analysis of ID-POS data from products tagged with the unified code at supermarkets etc. It is possible not only for retail operations to use this service in marketing, but also for companies in a variety of industries and businesses, including manufacturers and producers.

In this latest development, DNP have extended the usage scope of the unified code. In addition to improving the accuracy and efficiency of the DNP net-flyer distribution service, the Company has also entered into a sales agent agreement regarding the unified code, in order to expand the scope to marketing activities.

[Pre-Tax Pricing]

Startup costs: From 1.0 million yen

Monthly usage fees: 400,000 yen

Annual renewal fees: 500,000 yen (on a yearly basis following the agreement)

· Fees include 10 viewing ID accounts

[Forward Looking Events]

DNP and ID' s will expand sales promotion activities based on the net-flyer distribution service and ID-POS data analysis service throughout Japan, aiming for related sales of 500 million yen over the 3-years to FY 2017.


* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.