DNP Launches Book-Based Curation Service

Curators to introduce books and related accessories

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) will launch a curation service1 from March 20, 2015. This new service is based on the recommendations of curators with unique senses of value, who will help consumers come into contact with books and other goods that fit their needs. Consumers will then be able to purchase the recommended books and goods at DNP' s hybrid book store service honto or by following links to other Electronic Commerce (EC) sites.

[Background to Service Launch]

A recent trend has seen expanded usage of EC sites that allow consumers to purchase goods any time and any place. At the same time, however, it is also becoming more difficult for consumers to find goods that match their own sensitivities from amongst the vast numbers of products listed on large scale EC sites. In this latest development, DNP will launch a curation service targeting smart phones, where curators with unique senses of value, interests and tastes recommend products close to the consumer' s own sensitivities. As a result, this helps consumers to come into contact with the books and goods they would most likely have selected for themselves.  

[New Curation Service]

The new service facilitates the posting and viewing of original edited articles taken mainly from books. Consumers, specialists and companies act as curators, and introduce books and related goods and interior design articles via a virtual product shelf maintained on a dedicated website. Consumers select the products they want from among these recommendations, and can make purchases from honto or EC sites.

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[Service Features]

  • Consumers can act as curators, freely arranging theme-based product shelves, and introduce their own books and accessory recommendations.
  • Viewing the product shelves helps consumers find empathetic curators, and come into contact with books and other goods that fit their needs. As a result, it can be said that this new service supports the finding and purchase of products based on the links between people.
  • It is also possible for consumers to communicate with empathetic curators and product shelves by hitting the Like button, and leaving a comment. In instances where consumers purchase products introduced by the curator beyond a specific volume or level, the curator is entitled to incentives, such as receiving coupons that can be used on the honto site.  

[Looking Ahead]

DNP aims for 100,000 site members in the first year, and 1.0 million over the next three years. Based on ad fees for providing a venue for company and product PR to companies operating EC sites, and levying pay-per-success-model transaction fees for partnering EC sites, DNP aims for sales of 1.0 billion yen by FY 2017.


[Hybrid Bookstore Service honto]

Consumers are undergoing a diversification in reading styles. In order to present them with the books they want to read, when they want to read them and in the format they want to read in, DNP operates the EC site honto that facilitates the purchase of e-books and paper books, and a service that links bookstores in the DNP Group. As of the end of March 2015, the honto site handled in excess of 1.0 million product units as paper books and via mail order sales. honto is the largest domestic e-book sales service in Japan and handles 450,000 literary works, comics and business books. The hybrid service boasts more than 2.7 million loyalty points members with access to the honto site and real bookstores, and can be used at 150 bookstores throughout Japan.


1 Curation: The collection and arrangement of internet-based information from a unique sense of values and tastes, and the sharing of this information with others.


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