DNP to Launch ASP Service to Boost Member Communications at Company's In-House Social Networks

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) will launch an ASP service to support member communications at company's in-house social media.

The new service will support company efforts to create a closer relationship between the company and members, and by ascertaining the true feelings of members, and coaxing them into participating in product development, may feed into the creation of a "fan base."

[New Service]

In recent years, the focus has been on engagement marketing, whereby companies use social media, such as Facebook and Twitter to confirm the needs of consumers, who then help develop and improve company products and services. However, it has been pointed out that an open social media in which participation and browsing are open to all may not be the best channel for consumers to air their real feelings. As a result, companies have proposed using in-house social networks as a more private format in which members can reveal their thoughts. Companies also want to use such social media as a way to create closer relationships with members, and develop an environment in which members can be persuaded to participate in joint product development.  

In answer to these needs, DNP has developed a service that takes owned-media and creates a closed, community of groups of people with highly developed interests in specific topics, products and/or services.

[Service Features]

  • Deeper Relationships as Social Media Users Become Fans

By using this new service, it becomes possible for companies to develop good customers, from the social network user base, ascertain their potential needs, and coax them into joint development of new products and the improvement of existing services. The hope is that a customers will become "fans" of the company.

  • Easy to use Interface

The new service provides a familiar interface for users of social media based on similar log-on functions to Facebook and Twitter, including member log on, and includes Likes, Share and Follow functions.

  • Community-based Communication

Members can be sub-divided into topic-based groups, and bulletin boards and voting screens created that can accessed and viewed only by community members. This makes it possible to conduct targeted communication.

  • Use DNP Original Value Cluster to Categorize Members

A simple questionnaire allows companies to allocate member characteristics into the following groups; Lifestyle Choices, Information Sensitivity and Personal Connections. Members can then be categorized into 21 value clusters, and community activities operated in such a way as to reflect those values.

  • Member Invitation Function

Members can be invited to become part of the community, and it is possible to create community-by-invitation-only type groups where only invited members may register.

  • Post Tag Setting Function Supports Company Facilitator Activities

Company facilitators confirm posted contents from members, and can attach a different keyword tag for each set of contents, thereby performing a management function.

  • Optional Service: Community Launch and Operational Support

DNP can provide planning and design proposals for new communities, as well as offering advice to operators. The Company can also propose operational plans for lifestyle-based communities, facilitated by specialists from a variety of fields, including child-rearing, care for the aged and money. DNP Digitalcom Co., Ltd., a DNP Group Company with a proven track record in developing 2500 owned-media, offers a community operational support package.

  • Optional Service: Operational Support for Research Communities

Supports operational support for research communities that extract member needs and market trends, along with problem issues for products and services from company - member communications. The solutions are then used in product development and improvement. This service is jointly offered with Cross Marketing Inc., a company with a rich track record in this area and maintains the largest group of domestic monitors - in excess of 1.8 million.

[Pre-Tax Pricing]

Start-up fees: From 200,000 yen

Monthly ASP usage fees: From 360,000 yen (up to a maximum of 100 users)

· Monthly fees dependent on user numbers.

[Forward Looking Developments]

DNP plans to develop an artificial intelligence-driven community operation support function, as part of its intelligent communication platform. The Company aims to capitalize on a logic (patent pending) that selects unique comments, to analyze the large volume of text data within the community and automatically discover lead-users.

DNP will offer this new service to manufacturers and retailers, beverage and food makers, mail order operators, as well as housing and real estate businesses and financial institutions, aiming for sales of 200 million yen in FY2016.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.