DNP Develops BPO Service to Support Companies Introducing Social Security and Tax Number System

Smart phone based service to boost safe and sound acquisition of Individual Numbers

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service to support companies as they introduce the Social Security and Tax Number System1. The new service facilitates the declaration of the said numbers (Individual Numbers) to the individual's place of work and financial institutions via the simple photographing of the Social Security and Tax Number System notification card, or the Individual Number Card. Notification for the System gets underway from October, 2015, and the system will commence operations in line with the full-fledged launch of the System in January 2016.


The full scale launch of the new system will see companies required to assume such tasks, as collecting Individual Numbers from employees, and properly manage them as Specific Personal Information. Similar tasks are also likely to occur for companies handling consumer client Individual Numbers in line with the expansion of the applicable scope of the System.

DNP provides BPO services acting on behalf of companies. These services include taking custody of critical information, such as personal information from companies, and manufacturing credit cards and cash cards in an advanced information security environment, or issuing invoices and detailed usage statements. By employing the know-how related to the safe and efficient processing of critical information built up through such businesses, DNP is also in a position to offer solutions. These include consulting and educational services related to company responses to the introduction of the new System, and BPO services that deputize for companies in the collection and management of such information.

In this latest development, as part of BPO services related to the collection of information, DNP has developed a service that facilitates the declaration of Individual Numbers to the individual's place of work and financial institutions via the simple photographing of the notification card, or the Individual Number card, itself. This new development will be provided as a service designed to boost user convenience, by allowing this smart phone based innovation to be used in tandem with a hard copy declaration.

Service Summary

DNP takes custody of employee or client data from companies, and forwards the declaration forms, pamphlets explaining the purpose of collecting Individual Numbers, along with documentation listing declaration methods and other instructions to each employee and/or client from the DNP BPO center.

Employees and/or clients read off the 2D barcode displayed on the declaration form using their smart phones, and access a dedicated declaration screen.

After accepting the terms, and verifying personal identification by inputting their date of birth, the declaration processes can be completed by using smart phones to photograph personal identity verification documentation, such as a driving license or passport, and the notification card, or Individual Number Card.

In cases of making an Individual Number declaration in order to open a bank account, for example, instead of forwarding the hard copy version of the declaration form printed with a 2D barcode, it is possible to create a link to the declaration screen from the company website. This allows the applicant to make their declaration using not only a smart phone, but also a computer. In instances requiring dependent declarations, it is possible to prepare screens so that such dependents can input their Individual Numbers. Image data of the notification cards, or the Individual Number Cards, can be encrypted to ensure safety when communicating through networks or saving on servers.

Using this newly developed system helps improve the convenience of the declaration process, by saving the employee or client the trouble of having to mail the declaration forms. For companies there are increased efficiencies, such as reducing mailing costs and prevention of processing delays as a result of input mistakes by employees or clients. Employees and clients that do not own smart phones can complete declarations by listing their Individual Number on the declaration form and mailing them along with a copy of their identity verification documentation.

DNP Solutions

DNP will provide the following services offering finely tuned responses to various corporate needs.

1. BPO Service - Collection of Social Security and Tax Numbers

Forwarding of documentation necessary for Individual Number declarations, based on employee and client information received from companies. Confirmation and inputting of documentation submitted by employee and clients is performed, the Individual Number pegged to the received information, and delivered to the company.

BPO Service - Printing Service

Printing of Individual Number and names to documentation requiring the listing of such numbers and names, including income tax withholding slips and legal records, along with delivery to companies or forwarding to employees or clients.

BPO Service - Corporate Numbers

Companies are faced with the need to list Corporate Numbers for clients in filing documents, such as legal records. These numbers are publicized and can be used freely. Depending on the company, there are instances of client information being managed according to a different management number at each business location. By adding the Corporate Number to existing client information, it is possible to perform name identification, and aggregate data in a more efficient manner. DNP can accurately peg client information held by companies to Corporate Numbers, and forward the data to companies.

2. Consulting

DNP will offer consulting services for safe and smooth Social Security and Tax-related operations. The Company will create the environment necessary for handling the numbers, along with PDCA-based management, including basic policies conforming to Guidelines for Proper Handling of Specific Personal Information. DNP will also develop a series of handling rules from the acquisition of Individual Numbers to their disposal, along with the provision of an organizational system.

3. Educational Services

DNP will offer an educational service targeting those handling Individual Number at companies, in order to ensure awareness of Social Security and Tax Number System outlines, handling rules of Specific Personal Information, along with their operation.

4. Promotional Supports

In order to promote the collection of Individual Number data in a smooth manner, it is necessary that employees and clients understand the Social Security and Tax Number System, and the purpose of the data collection. Through the planning and production of printed materials, websites and image contents, DNP will support awareness activities within companies, and to clients.

5. Security System

DNP will offer systems targeting physical security (gateway management systems and monitoring cameras etc.), information security (PC log-in management, cyber-attack countermeasure systems etc.), documentation security (card authentication type printers etc.), and will create an environment where companies can handle Individual Numbers.

Looking Ahead

Quotations will be provided on an individual basis.

Considerations are underway for the possible private sector utilization of Individual Numbers in the future, DNP will promote the development of services designed to boost user convenience, including gateway systems and authentication systems utilizing Individual Number Cards. The Company aims for total sales of 300 million in the three years to FY 2017 from newly developed service.

1: Social Security and Tax Number System: Nicknamed "My Number," the Social Security and Tax Number (Individual Number) is a 12-digit personalized number that will be used for administrative procedures related to social security administration, taxation and disaster response in Japan. It covers both Japanese citizens, and non-Japanese with a residence record.
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