DNP Develops Digital Menu Board

Displays menu on digital signage

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce the November 25 launch of the Digital Menu Board, a digital signage system that allows restaurant owners and operators of company canteens to photograph the menu de jour and other specials, and display them at the entrance to their establishment.

Using the newly developed system it is possible to update the displayed menu by photographing the menu de jour with a tablet terminal and inserting simple text information.


Unlike restaurants overseas, Japanese restaurants and company canteens often display real food samples, or post photographs of the specials on boards positioned, at the entrance to help customers make their choice. However, the real food samples are to be discarded, and it may be difficult to see the both samples and photographs due to crowding during the all-important busy lunchtime period. There has also been a major work burden in printing out and displaying photographs of the daily specials, and needs have existed for the adoption of large screen digital signage to display menus alongside food photos. In this instance, though, it has been necessary to upload photos taken with digital cameras to computers, produce the contents on the computer, and register them on digital signage via the network or a recording medium. And given that this all has to be carried out in the traditionally busy period ahead of opening time, it can be seen how this task has become a burden for restaurant staff. In order to answer such challenges, the newly developed digital menu board allows for the simple photographing of daily specials with a tablet terminal, and for the menu du jour to be updated on digital signage without the need to use a computer. This has produced increased operational efficiencies.

[Digital Menu Board Summary]

The digital signage system displays menus and photos of daily specials on a 43 inch big screen. By being able to attach digital signage in a high position via the use of a long stands, it is possible to improve the visibility of the menu. Following the photographing of daily specials with a tablet terminal, it is also possible to register the contents on digital signage via the simple input of text, such as the name of the dish, calorific levels, and sodium content via a dedicated application. By simplifying the process from photographing of the daily specials to displaying them on digital signage, it has been possible to reduce the work burden to restaurant staff.

The dedicated tablet terminal application is equipped with a design template for the menu display, meaning it can be used immediately following adoption. The volume of dishes that can be displayed on the digital signage, and display items (such as the names of dishes, prices, calorific and sodium contents) can be set in line with the needs of restaurant owners or operators.

<System Components>

1, Digital signage

Dimensions (including stand)

Height 2,045mm X Breadth 1,000mm X Depth 875mm

Adjustable to four height levels


Approx. 46kg

Display size

43 inches


Includes Wi-Fi compatible media player and stand on casters as standard fittings

* It is also possible to provide digital signage with a media player compatible with mobile communication on an optional basis. This optional addition allows for the renewal of menus from remote locations using a tablet terminal.

2, Tablet terminal


Height 11.9mm X Breadth 294.8mm X Depth 192.4mm

(Terminal body only)


Approx. 800g

Display size

11.6 inches

Operating system

Windows 8


Complete set: 700,000 yen

* Prices exclusive of tax. Shipping, installment and optional costs shall be separately priced.

[Sales Targets]

DNP will offer this newly developed system to enterprises operating company canteens and restaurants, schools, hospitals, highway service areas and public facilities aiming for sales of 200 million yen in the three years to FY 2017.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.