DNP and "oedo LIVING" Distribute Tokyo Walking Contents

Offers the chance for unexpected discoveries and experiences

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP), DNP Media Create Co., Ltd. (DMC), a 100% subsidiary of DNP, engaged in the planning and production of commercial printing materials, will tie up with "oedo LIVING," a Tokyo-based free community magazine, published via collaboration between Sankei Living Shimbun Inc., and the Bureau of Transportation, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, to distribute local contents based on walks and strolls throughout the Tokyo metropolitan area to the smartphone application developed by DMC.


DNP and DMC will take local contents listed in a regular column in "oedo LIVING," and distribute these to the DMC's smartphone application designed to support travel and leisure. Distributed information will include directions to points of interest on walking courses introduced in the column, along with original stop off points connected with local eateries, or the history and culture of the area. By activating the application while out walking, GPS functions will inform users of interesting stop off points, as they approach them, and as a result, can be used to offer users the joy of unexpected discoveries and experiences.

The first round of application-based contents will be distributed in a tie up with the May edition of "oedo LIVING," (to be distributed from April 16,) and will cover a total of three walking courses in the Toyosu, Kiyosumi-shirakawa, and Tsukiji/Odaiba areas of Tokyo. Contents will be added and updated on a monthly basis.

["oedo LIVING"]

"oedo LIVING" is a free community magazine created by Sankei Living Shimbun, and published in cooperation with the Bureau of Transportation, Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Available in highly visible spaces, such as the stations on Toei Subway lines, the magazine includes information, relating to sports events and overseas cultures. It also presents ads and features of Japanese hospitality (omotenashi), traditional Japanese culture, and Japan, with a theme of "learn again Japanese culture to know overseas cultures" in mind.


Fixed 24 page (13 columns in total) all color tabloid format

Issue frequency

Six times per year. Special editions targeting overseas visitors also issued.


Placed at a total of 103 stations on the four subway lines of Oedo Line, Asakusa Line, Shinjuku Line, and Mita Line operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan government, along with the ticket offices of the Toden Arakawa Line and Toei Bus depots. Also available at other locations, including the Yurikamome Line, Rinkai Line, hotels and facilities operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan government.


150,000 units

Target readership

The young-at-heart with interests in overseas and Japanese culture, as well as sports. Also, those in their 30s-40s living or working on subways operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

[Travel Support Application User Instructions]

- Before the trip

By selecting topics such as destination and itinerary, Local Eateries, or History and Culture, an appropriate excursion will be created and displayed. Selecting a desired excursion will result in the automatic creation of an excursion plan, which can be shared with one's registered partners. Clicking provided links also allows access to travel company websites, making it possible to reserve the necessary accommodation and travel facilities for the trip.

- During the trip

Activating the application produces a message inviting the user to "stop off," at interesting points along their excursion route. In addition, GPS functions provide directions to spots of interest, such as local eateries and sightseeing locations.

- Following the trip

It is possible to view the information of the excursion plan used and the sightseeing spots visited during the trip as a memento of the visit, and it is also possible to share posts about the trip with one's partners during and after the visit.

[Compatible Equipment]

- iOS: post-iOS 7 generation iPhone 5s/5c, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone SE

- Android: Android smartphones of the post-Android OS4.x generation

- Certain models may not be compatible

- Application downloads are free of charge

[Future Developments]

This DMC travel support application currently distributes contents related to the Hachinohe area of Aomori Prefecture in north east Japan, and the Ichigaya and Shinjuku areas of Tokyo. In addition to forming tie ups with local authorities, transport organizations, travel agencies and publishers to expand target areas, DMC will also develop contents with tourist organizations and companies as well, and distribute them to the application.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.