Micvac Sees First Adoption in Korea

DNP packaging system allows for chilled meals to be stored for 45 days

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce that Micvac has been adopted in Korea by the Daesang Group. It is the first time the chilled meal packaging system provided by the Company has been used in the Korean market, and will allow Korean-based food manufacturers to produce ready meals that can be stored under refrigeration for 45 days.

[Micvac Features]

In line with the shift to more people living and eating alone, there has been expanded demand for ready meals that can be easily heated in a microwave oven before eating. In answer to these needs, from 2012 DNP has marketed Micvac in Japan. Micvac is a packaging system that uses microwaves to perform heating and sterilization of foods simultaneously. Sealing in a dedicated container allows users to store food in a fresh and tasty manner, retaining the crispiness of foodstuffs such as vegetables, without losing any of the nutrients, including vitamins or proteins. Using Micvac it is possible to store foods under refrigerated conditions for up to 45 days, facilitating extended product and distribution lifecycles, along with reduced disposal loss. Micvac is being increasingly adopted in the Japanese domestic market, including use by Fujicco Co., Ltd., a Kobe-based food producer and marketer.

DNP has also put efforts into strengthening marketing of the packaging system in Korea, a country with a significant ready meal market, and is pleased to be able to announce that Micvac has been adopted by the Daesang Group. Provided in a 250g and 400g size, the packaging system will be now used in the manufacture of Korean and western ready meals.

[Micvac Awarded Food Prize]

In December 2015, DNP and Fujicco received the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries' Award, part of the 3rd Food Industry Mottainai Awards organized by the Japan Organics Recycling Association.

The term "mottanai" is generally used in situations where people call attention to the precious nature of an article or action, and look to avoid unnecessary waste.

The award recognizes companies and organizations that have made significant contributions to anti-global warming and energy saving measures, and by making society more broadly aware of these goals, also aims to promote activities designed to achieve the sustainable development of the food industry. The award ceremony will be held on January 29, 2016.

[Looking Ahead]

DNP aims for sales of 1.2 billion yen in FY 2020 from the Micvac system and dedicated containers, and will strengthen sales to other Asian nations other than Korea. In addition, the Company will push ahead with the development of containers allowing for multiple foodstuffs to be processed in the same tray, and of pouches for industrial-use. It is planned to expand the lineup of containers on a serial basis in 2016.

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