DNP Aims to Boost Name Recognition of Japanese Goods for Inbound Chinese Visitors with New Service

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has launched a service designed to boost name recognition of Japanese goods and services, as well as promoting real store visits, by listing such information in itineraries distributed to Chinese cruise ship passengers planning to visit Japan.


Almost 20 million inbound visitors arrived in Japan in 2015, setting a new record.

In particular, against the backdrop of an easing in visa requirements and the softer Japanese yen, there has been a sharp increase in the number of Chinese visitors, and further growth in Chinese tourism to Japan is expected. As a consequence of this development, many Japanese companies are strengthening marketing measures targeting inbound tourism designed to boost the name recognition, and subsequent, sales of their products and services, with increased effort on improving services targeting Chinese visitors. DNP already offers a variety of services for inbound travelers, such as navigation systems for guidance-based digital signage at various commercial facilities, the distribution of customer support applications for tablet terminals, and tablet terminal-based interpreter/operator guidance services.  

In this latest development, DNP, in conjunction with two major China-based travel agencies, has launched a service designed to boost the name recognition of Japanese goods and services, as well as promote real store visits by Chinese tourists planning to visit Japan.

[Service Features]

Under the newly launched service, the major Chinese travel agencies will distribute itineraries to Chinese cruise ship passengers planning to visit Japan. At the same time, however, concerns have recently emerged for a slowdown in the Chinese economic markets and worries are being expressed regarding possible falls in the numbers of inbound Chinese visitors to Japan and reduced spending. In the face of this challenge, DNP has developed an original media with an outreach to Chinese visitors, and aims to firmly capture repeat visitors, who are expected continue to increase even amongst forecasts for a broader downturn.

[Cruise Ship Itinerary]

The cruise itinerary is an A5, 16 page booklet comprised of a travel itinerary, basic information on Japan, including an introduction to Japanese culture, and other notes. The final four pages are advertisements, listing goods and services from Japanese companies. DNP has entered into a tie up with two major China-based travel agencies regarding the rights to use these advertisements. These ads make it possible to reach out to the approximately 5,000 cruise passengers that would be the maximum capacity of a single large-scale cruise ship. In addition to the ads, DNP has also caters for ad production in a design that appeals specifically to Chinese tourists. The ad effect is expected to be increased by the fact that cruise passengers generally carry the itinerary with them at all times, and tend to refer to it as a way to pass time on long journeys.

[Advertising Rates (per vessel on a pre-tax basis)]

Quarter page:  JPY 1.0 million

Half page:  JPY 1.5 million

Full page:  JPY 2.0 million

* Prices current as of February 2016. Fees may be adjusted without notice, as a result of changes in foreign exchange rates etc.

[Forward Looking Developments]

DNP will implement advertising that is effective in targeting Chinese visitors to Japan, mainly offering this service to companies looking for such visitors to purchase and use their products and services, aiming for a total of 800 million yen in sales over a five year period. In addition to deploying similar measures targeting visitors from Southeast Asia, in particular Thailand, the Company will also develop and offer other marketing measures for inbound tourists.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.