DNP and FLN Launch Community Currency and Loyalty Point Support Service

Facilitates timely provision of thin-client smartphone payment terminals and cloud services

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) in conjunction with Future Link Network Co., Ltd. (FLN), will launch a support service to implement community currency and loyalty points promoted by local authorities and shopping centers.


In recent years, local authorities, companies and shopping centers throughout Japan have looked to expand the use, and improve the convenience, of community currencies and loyalty points systems with a view to regional revitalization and rejuvenation. At the same time, there has also been an expansion in the use of regional smart cards to store digitized premium gift certificates (issued by local authorities to boost the local consumption) and public-private partnership points granted in line with volunteer, and /or health and eco-related activities.

In this latest development, DNP will combine forces with FLN that operated regional information portal sites at 310 municipalities throughout Japan as of January, 2016. Together we will launch a service to support regional revitalization, using regional information portals, community currencies and loyalty points. We also aim to rejuvenate industry and shopping areas within specific regional areas through the use of regional information portal sites and community currencies. Our two companies will also support communication within communities and activities such as volunteering, by linking community currency activities to those information portal sites, bringing the regions and consumers together as a result.

[New Service]

- DNP and FLN

Under this new support service, DNP will be responsible for providing payment terminals and the cloud management system, along with the development of new services linked to that system. FLN will be responsible for sales of the service to each region, and the management of an operations center. Collaboration between FLN, which maintains a track record in operating community currencies and regionally-based loyalty points systems, and DNP, which has strengths in the development and operation of high security payment services, will reduce the workload for local authorities and companies in an efficient manner. And by linking community currencies and loyalty points systems to regional information portal sites, it will also be possible to improve the quality of local services.

-  Thin-client smartphone payment terminals

Retail outlets offering community currencies and regionally-based loyalty points services will use thin-client smartphone payment terminals developed by DNP. By utilizing a user interface that reduces functions of terminals to their minimum for ease of use, and realizing the increased efficiency of centralized terminal management and service settings on the server side, it is possible to reduce the workload of those retail outlets that adopt the payment terminals. At the same time, this terminal can be used both indoors and out, as long as it is within communications distance, making it possible to use at outdoor events.

- FeliCa Pocket

Consumers can also use a regionally-based smart card that integrates FeliCa Pocket functions to facilitate the use of multiple services, such as community currencies and loyalty point services, as well as regional contribution-based volunteer activity points with a single card. Based on the high level security provided by encryption keys that manage each service on an individual basis, FeliCa Pocket makes it possible to add or remove services even after the card has been issued.

[Looking Ahead]

- DNP and FLN

The full launch of this new service is planned for July 2016, following field demonstrations by DNP and FLN. DNP will also deploy this new service by supporting regional companies involved in the issue of premium gift certificates and electric power deregulation activities, aiming for sales of approximately 4.0 billion yen in the 5-year period from FY 2016.

* FeliCa® is a contactless card technology format developed by Sony Corporation.
* FeliCa® and FeliCa Pocket® are registered trademarks of Sony Corporation.
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