DNP Develops Information Management Platform to Support Strategic Sales Promotion Plans for Omni-Channel Sales Techniques

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed an information management platform for use with Omni-Channel sales routes techniques to boost the efficiency of a variety of sales approaches, such as real stores and net shopping, by linking them together under a single umbrella. The new service has been launched on March 7.

The newly developed platform centrally manages an array of product information, from printing material, including pamphlets and catalogues, to EC sites and net-based flyers used in digital media. And by presenting this information in a format that is useable by a variety of different media can support moves aimed at increased efficiency in corporate sales and sales promotion activities.


The distribution industry is undergoing an increased move to Omni-Channeling that links together a variety of sales formats, including real stores, net-based supermarkets and EC sites. By creating sales promotion measures that match the purchasing behavior of consumers on an individual basis, distributors are looking to capture and retain customers. In line with these developments, there is also an increasing need to centrally manage sales promotion information, such as product information and that relating to events and campaigns, along with the efficient transmission of information to multiple media, including paper-based flyers and web sites.  

In answer to these needs, DNP will offer distributors a platform that facilitates centralized information management and the transmission of that information to a variety of different media. As a result, it will now be possible to improve sales and the sales promotion effect that has become increasingly complicated.

[New Platform]

In the past, when retail outlets create paper-based flyers, they had to take product information on an individual basis from manufacturers and wholesalers. The newly developed information management platform takes the product information and centrally manages this information in a cloud environment. And by allowing for the sharing of this information by head office-based distributor company officials responsible for the planning of paper-based flyers, EC sites and sales promotion campaigns, buyers responsible for product lineup, and store managers, it is possible to reduce workloads when creating Omni-Channels, and improve sales and sales promotion efficiency.

The features of the newly developed platform are as follows:

  • It is possible to centrally manage sales promotion planning information created to match the characteristics of merchandizing that differs not only according to product information, but also between industries, and sales channels.
  • By centrally managing product and sales promotion information, it is also possible to reduce work burdens in the collection and organizing of the information necessary to create various media, including flyers, pamphlets and web sites. It is further possible to amend listed products and prices, and switch highlighted topic areas in a simple manner. As a result, it is possible to reduce workloads when creating Omni-Channels that link together sales channels, including real stores and net-shopping. The new product also facilitates the testing of sales promotion efficiency, and allows staff to focus on the planning of the next sales promotion plan.
  • It also possible to produce rough layouts as paper images of flyers and catalogues to match special topics and product categories. This allows those involved in sales campaigns, such as sales promotion and product executives, to share those images from an early stage of the planning process. Smoother meetings and higher precision materials will emerge as a result of these efforts.
  • In addition to managing the workflow of the media production, and allowing for the central management and use of amended data, it also possible to prevent mistakes in the data used in each different media, and reduce corporate risk due to the listing of mistaken information.

[Pre-Tax Pricing]

Initial introduction costs: From 5.0 million yen.

Monthly usage fees: From 800,000 yen

[Looking Ahead]

DNP will offer this newly developed service to distributors and retailers, aiming for total sales of 1.0 billion yen in the 5-year period to 2020. The Company will also add new functions, such as responses to Online-to-Offline services, via effect analysis functions and media links.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.