DNP Develops Ad Distribution Management System

Targets smartphones, car navigation systems and digital signage, etc.

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed an ad distribution management system targeting devices, such as smartphones, car navigation and digital signage. The new system has been adopted by Amanek Channel1, Japan's first specialist channel targeting automotives, based on i-dio V-Low multimedia broadcasting2 operated by Amanek telematics design Inc., as contents provider. Operations will commence in mid-April, 2016.

[New Ad System Summary]

The newly developed system manages ad distribution in a cloud environment, with media firms as main customers that provide contents and advertising slots to smartphones, car navigation systems and digital signage.

The system is equipped with functions that streamline management operations when distributing ads to these media. The advertiser can perform ad slot searches and bookings, online submissions of ad material, along with the viewing and confirmation of listed ad performance. In addition to streamlining ad distribution management, the new system makes it possible to perform even more effective ad distribution, such as that targeting specific areas. And by adopting the new system media companies can operate transactions for ad slots with advertisers confirm ad contents and provide distribution performance results in an online format. Thereby reducing operational tasks and personnel costs.

[Major Benefits]

- Ad Slot Searches and Bookings

With the new system it becomes possible to search for smartphones, car navigation systems and digital signage ad slots from such information as time period, area, price, conditions (competitive offers etc.) and targeting terminals. Advertising companies and agents can select the ad slot they wish to purchase on an individual basis, or use functions that automatically create plans in line with budgets or other conditions, to facilitate the booking of the optimal ad slot.

- Online Receiving of Ad Material (Electronic Manuscript Receiving)

It is possible to receive multiple materials data, including the necessary audio, text and video for ads, online, and in a cloud environment. This means there is no need for receiving memory media, such as disks. Those ad materials received can be confirmed online.

- Report of Ad Distribution Record

With the new ad system it is possible for advertisers and ad agencies to receive ad distribution performance data from the management screen. Such data is provided in a format aggregated on an advertising or agency-basis that can be viewed and output in a broadcast memo or distribution report model.


Pricing will be based on a revenue-sharing model in line with contracted ad revenue ratios, and as a result will depend on individual contract terms and conditions.

* Operating costs shall be considered separately.

[Future Developments]

DNP will link this new system with its originally developed contents distribution and display systems. And, by performing the central control of ad slots targeting smart phones, car navigation systems and digital signage, DNP aims to achieve more efficient ad slot transactions.

In addition to expanding sales to i-dio contents providers, the Company will also strengthen products targeting advertising agencies and sales promotion activities.

DNP aims for a total of 3.0 billion yen in sales of the new system and related products by FY 2020.

1 Besides distributing music, Amanek Channel is characterized by the provision of such information as GPS-linked weather forecasts for 15 minutes ahead at specific locations, traffic information, coupons and leisure information, interspersed with Text-To-Speech.
2 i-dio uses channels 1-3 left vacant in the shift from analogue VHF-bands to digital UHF-bands, and is a new digital broadcast offered free of charge that mainly targets mobile terminals, such as smartphone and car navigation systems.
* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.