DNP and Asahi Glass Jointly Develop Outdoor Digital Signage Boasting High Visibility and Great Energy Saving

Introduced on advance basis at MEGA WEB, a Toyota Motor showroom

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) and Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. (AGC) have jointly developed digital signage for outdoor usage which cuts consumed power to approximately 20% of currently available versions, while also maintaining high screen-based visibility. The new product will be launched in July 2016, and has increased visibility via the use of antireflective glass and special adhesive resin, while achieving significant power consumption reductions through an air-cooled cooling system. Ahead of full scale marketing efforts, six units of the 55 inch version of digital signage for outdoor usage system have been installed as guidance terminals at MEGA WEB, the Tokyo-based Toyota Motor showroom.


Digital signage installed outdoors is looked to not only as an inbound tourism tool capable of providing a variety of information to the rising numbers of overseas visitors to Japan, but also expected to see accelerated demand going forward. Installing digital signage outdoors, however, presents numerous challenges, including being difficult to view as a result of glare of external light, or reflections from nearby scenery. At the same time, the use of coolers to prevent overheating of the internal equipment, due to direct sunlight and external temperatures, has also fed into high energy consumption. In reply to these challenges, DNP and AGC have jointly developed digital signage for outdoor installation that enhances screen visibility, and at the same time achieves energy savings.

[Digital Signage for Outdoor Installation]

  • Improved Screen Visibility: As a result of using infoverre®, an AGC product that uses special adhesive resin to attach protective glass to a liquid crystal display, it is now possible to reduce the glare and reflection from external light, and achieve displays with clear image quality, even out of doors.  
  • Energy saving effect: An air-cooled cooling system1 that works to optimize the flow of air in the equipment housing has successfully achieved reductions in energy consumption to approximately 20% compared to currently available models. Also, the new outdoor digital signage has reduced the profile of the equipment by approximately 50% compared to the current ones with the cooler attached to the rear of the display, facilitating its installation in a variety of places.

[Looking Ahead]

DNP and AGC will jointly market the newly developed product from July 2016, aiming for total sales of 1.0 billion yen in FY 2016. In addition to the newly developed product, DNP will also provide a total service comprising all the elements necessary for operating digital signage, from contents delivery management systems to contents production. The Company will also push ahead with the development of outdoor digital signage integrating touch panels.

1: A heat radiating system that uses air heat exchange
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