DNP to Launch DP-DS820, a Dye Sublimation Digital Photo Printer and Two New Print Media Grades

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) announces the introduction of the new dye sublimation digital photo printer1 DP-DS820 at Photokina 2016 in DNP booth (Hall 3.1, Stand C020-D029). The launch to the market is to follow sequentially.  

In response to various market needs worldwide, two different print media2 grades are being offered on the DP-DS820. In addition, A4 size media is now available.

[DP-DS820 Overview]

The DP-DS820 is the latest commercial printer capable of loading two different media grades, high quality media and standard media. With the option of using a High Density mode, the new printer offers enhanced image expressions. In addition, A4 size media is available for both grades of media. With these advantages and smooth gradation expressions that can only be produced by the dye-sublimation technology, the new DP-DS820 can be used for a wide variety of print services such as portrait studios and wedding photos.


- Capable of loading two print media grades on a single printer model.

The high quality media "Pure Premium Digital" and the standard quality media "Digital" are available for the DP-DS820.

- The "Pure Premium Digital" offers fine prints with higher black density.

With the renewed dye contained in the ink ribbon and optimization of printer energy control, the DP-DS820 provides maximum black density. As a result of this black color reproduction and expanded gradation level, it enabled profound print, fine and deep photographic expressions.

- The High Density mode offers the superior print quality.

With the option of using the High Density mode, the maximum black density of the "Pure Premium Digital" exceeds 2.4 3. This enables the superior quality of prints, which is perfect for professional use such as studios.

- A4 and panoramic prints are now available

The DP-DS820 can now print 8 x10 inch (203 x 254 mm), 8 x 12 inch (203 x 305 mm) size paper and a new wider A4 (210 x 297 mm) size paper. The new printer features a Multi-Print Function capable of handling multiple print sizes on a single model of print media, minimum of 8 x 4 inches (203mm x 102mm). Using DNP developed Software Development Kit (SDK4), it can produce panoramic prints up to 32 inches (813 mm) in length. The print size is 8 x 32 inches (203 x 813mm) on the 8 x 12 inch (203 x 305mm) size setting, and 210 x 789 mm when using the A4 print media setting. As a result, the DP-DS820 expanded usage, such as wide landscape photos and group photos which were not available as of today.

- New Luster (semi-glossy) and Fine Matte finishes  

The DP-DS820 adds a refined "Luster" and "Fine Matte" finishes.  With a slightly textured surface and smooth pattern, the effect is outstanding for fine photography.

- Various improved functions

Compared to the current model, the DP-DS80, the new printer has significantly improved print throughput from 86 prints per hour to 125 prints5. It has also increased the durability of the thermal print head and reduced 98% standby power consumption compared to the current model.  

[Pricing and Future Developments]

Pricing: Open price

The DP-DS820 will be exhibited in the DNP booth (Hall 3.1, Stand C020-D029) at Photokina 2016, the world's leading imaging trade show, held in Cologne, Germany between September 20 to 25. DNP is launching this new product after Photokina, aiming for sales 10,000 units the first year.

[DP-DS820 Specification]

 Print technology

 Dye sublimation thermal transfer

 Print resolution

 High speed mode : 300 x 300 dpi

 High quality mode : 300 x 600 dpi

 Print media size

 8 x10 inch (203 x 254mm)

 8 x 12 inch (203 x 305mm)

 A4 size (8.27 x 11.69 inch = 210 x 297mm)

 Print size

 - 8 x 4 inch (203 x 102 mm)

 - 8 x 5 inch (203 x 127 mm)

 - 8 x 6 inch (203 x 152 mm)

 - 8 x 8 inch (203 x 203 mm)

 - 8 x 10 inch (203 x 254 mm)

 - 8 x 12 inch (203 x 305 mm)

 - A5 size (210 x 148 mm)

 - A4 size (210 x 297 mm)

 (By using SDK it is possible to set a variety of print sizes)

 Panoramic print size4

 With 8 x 10 inch print media: 8 x 26 inches (203 x 660 mm)

 With 8 x 12 inch print media: 8 x 32 inches (203 x 813 mm)

 With A4 print media: 210 x 789 mm

 Print speed5

 (300 x 300 dpi, glossy finish)

 8 x 10 inch size: approximately 29.3 seconds

 8 x 12 inch size: approximately 33.9 seconds

 A4 size: approximately 33.2 seconds


 Glossy / Luster(semi-glossy) / Matte / Fine Matte

 Buffer memory

 128 MB


 USB2.0 type B connector

 External dimensions

 (Width)366 x (Depth)322 x (Height)170 mm

 Weight (Printer only)

 14 kg

 Power consumption

 AC100V 3.9A, 240V 1.6A

 Standby power

 0.5W or less (100/240V) low power consumption mode

 Dedicated media6

 Pure Premium Digital grade

 8 x 10 inch : 130 print / roll×2 sets

 8 x 12 inch : 110 print / roll×2 sets

 A4 size : 110 print / roll×2 sets

 Digital grade

 8 x 10 inch : 130 print / roll×2 sets

 8 x 12 inch : 110 print / roll×2 sets

 A4 size : 110 print / roll×2 sets

1)  Dye sublimation type digital photo printer: A dye-sublimation thermal transfer printer that takes ink from an ink ribbon where a rolled transfer film is coated with the dye-based ink of yellow, magenta, and cyan, and then sublimates, or gasifies, the ink with a thermal head and transfers the same to the receiver paper. In addition to achieving similar high resolution images as conventional silver halides prints, the dye-sublimation digital photo printer produces superior high speed prints, while also realizing low equipment introduction cost and easy maintenance. Also, dye-sublimation prints realize high durability against water and finger prints by its overcoat layer finish.  
2)  "print media" is composed of the ink ribbon and paper.
3)  Testing conditions: X-Rite i1i0, D65 luminous source and ANSI A filter
4)  The SDK designed for use of panoramic prints will be released in September, 2016.
5)  Print conditions:  "Pure Premium Digital" media, high speed mode, indoor temperature of 27 C, Approx. 50% Humidity, 300 dpi x 300 dpi 128 gradations, and gray prints comparison.
6)  Please consult your local contact for the availability of the print media grade and size.
* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.