DNP to Expand Cyber Attack Countermeasure Exercise Lineup

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) will expand its lineup of cyber-attack countermeasure exercises at the Cyber Knowledge Academy that trains and develops staff responsible for preventing cyber-attacks against companies.

Cyber Attack Countermeasure Exercises

Cyber-attacks targeting companies and organizations in Japan have been on the increase in recent years. Such cyber-attack techniques are emerging in new and diverse forms on a daily basis, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to prevent these attacks merely with technical responses, such as introducing security products. Human responses are cited as necessary, but at this point in time it is difficult to say that the number or skills of information security officers in Japan is adequate, and the development of superior staff has become a pressing need.

In March 2016, DNP launched the Cyber Knowledge Academy Co. Ltd. in order to boost the acumen necessary for measures against cyber-attacks and collaborative skills, by intensively training and developing cyber security engineers capable of combating a variety of threats.

The academy utilizes TAME Range, a training system developed by the world’s top level cyber security engineers at Israel Aerospace Industries, and offers exercises including hands on training of responses to cyber-attacks that are becoming more complicated and more sophisticated on a daily basis. Classes are already being conducted on a broad basis at information communications, aircraft and power companies, along with central government agencies.

In addition to existing courses, with this latest development, DNP will start offering courses customized to the learning objectives, desires and requirements of client companies and organizations, along with government agencies. Exercises will also be conducted in conjunction with the Institute of Information Security (IISEC).

Course Summary and Features

- Customized Exercises

Exercises that implement defensive training against cyber-attacks in a team format for cyber-security engineer divisions in line with the learning objectives and desires of client companies and organizations, as well as the requirements of government agencies.

[Lecture fees] 2.5 million yen (exclusive of tax) for a ten-person class unit.

- IISEC Extension Course  - Short-Term Refresher Educational Program

A course conducted in conjunction with IISEC, which has a rich track record in extension course education. In addition to studying the history and latest developments in cyber-security, three types of concentrated 3 day courses that conduct hands on cyber-security measures are also offered. The following are sample course dates.

Attack One - Unauthorized Access, November 16-18, 2016

Attack Two - Web Attacks, December. 14-16, 2016

Attack Three - Advanced Persistent Threats, January 11-13, 2017

[Lecture fees] 250,000 yen (exclusive of tax) per participant for each course.

Looking Ahead

DNP plans to offer a variety of courses in line with client learning objectives, including those designed to have managers become aware of the importance of cyber-attack countermeasures, those aimed at learning basic level security techniques, as well as classes and exercises conducted at client sites.

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